Watch out!

Hello good people. Cor blimey mate, I’ve just had some dreadful lurgie which has left me flattened for the last day. I blame the children my wife has to teach. Is this the start of a bout (not quite a pendemic)? I was going to get my flu jab this week as well-“Sorry I’ll have to re-arrange the appointment because I’ve come down with flu-like symptoms!” Have a nice Sunday.

Hi Steve… typical eh?

I’m going for flu jab tomorrow and hope to ward off the dreaded lurgie!

Hope you are feeling much better soon.

Pat x

Flu jab doesn’t agree with me but I don’t seem to get many colds now. Whether it’s my immune system or the fact that I’m not working I don’t know but as long as I stay well I don’t mind what the cause is.

Take care and hope you feel better soon.

Cath xx

Ah Cath it’s your immune system. It’s so active trying to fight your MS (which it sees as a foreign body) that anything else that comes along get whacked instantly!

I too never get a virus… but beware… I did get the flu about 6 years ago and my God I thought I was dying. Took me about 2 months to recover!

Sorry to hear the jab doesn’t agree with you… but for others on here, I recommend getting it!

Pat x

I had my flu jab on Monday and spent two days feelling below par but am now on the way back to normal (what ever normal is) I stopped having the jab but restarted lastyear.

I do agree with the jab and advise my dad to have it, my daughter is asthmatic and has just had hers. If I could have it I would, but when I did I got the worst flu ever, knocked me flat for about 3 weeks.

Pat that’s funny because I still get infections, recently had UTI and infection in my foot, it just seems to be viruses that I avoid. My daughter brings lots of them home from school yet they don’t affect me. I’m holding thumbs that winter won’t be bad for me, but I don’t get as much exposure since I stopped working.

As mentioned, the jabs are good and as an ex nurse I would advise everyone to have it, especially those at risk as we are.

Take care.

Cath xx

Hi chaps & chapesses, just had my flu jab for free.

Local chemist is charging £15 for the jab… but the list of those entitled to free jab includes ‘chronic neurological conditions’… so got it for free.

SO much easier than waiting for a GP appointment!

Pat x