Flu jab

I’m so glad I’ve had the flu jab . Lee has caught it and he’s been in bed for 3 days . He should have had it, he’s diabetic and also a carer, but hes been busy with work. I lost a carer about a month ago and my sister’s been coming up twice a month and staying over I’m so glad of the help with Lee being ill he’s not been able to do anything . Tomorrow I’ve got an agency coming they are expensive but I can’t manage without the help . Thankfully I’ve got enough from direct payments to pay at least temporarily. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Oh Michelle, poor Lee, hope he recovers quickly for both your sakes… It’s always a worrying time when someone in the family is poorly, but rest and plenty of fluids will aid his recovery.


Pam x


sorry to hear that Michelle,you must be so worried about Lee,the flu is just awful i have not had it since 1987 thankfully,but i started with the MS 6 week after it.i dont have the flu jab because i dont really agree with daughter got the swine flu a few year ago and that was very scary,i nursed her through it and was sure i would catch it but luckily i didn’t.Hope Lee recovers very soon and i hope you get the help you need too,ring SS and tell them whats happening,or your dr they can send a team out in emegencies i think.

J x

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So sorry to hear Lee is poorly, hope he gets well soon!

I know how hard it can be when the person that does everything is out of action, my husband has just had a total knee replacement and I’m finding it so difficult. Also made even more difficult as I had an operation a couple of weeks ago!

I am sure you must be exhausted,

Try and take care of yourself too,

Nina xx

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Poor Lee hope he is soon back to normal (whatever normal is?)


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Thanks everyone, he’s still not well but better than he was . I’ve told him next time he must definitely have the flu jab . I’m not so well either but the flu jab has helped it’s just a cold and sore throat nothing like what Lee has had. I’m just trying to stop a uti I use catheters and I’ve had awful burning I’ve been taking the cystitis remedy …its disgusting but takes the acidic out of urine so doesn’t burn hopefully I can stop a uti. The agency came yesterday there were two of them. They are expensive but did a good job. It’s not personal care just helping with day to day cleaning . Molly makes quite a bit of mess and when we have our other autistic daughter home between them upstairs can be like Armageddon. I can only cope with so much . I used all of my spoons and next week’s (spoon theory) I’ve been having to take Molly to the gym , it’s only down in the village , not too far but when it’s cold or raining I don’t always feel like it . The wheelchair was skidding all over the place when we had the snow. Frazer likes going to the gym, he loves the attention. It’s been hard I feel like I’ve been left dealing with things . Last night the gym manager had a word . They are not sure how to cope with Molly, she’s been going a couple of months but they arnt sure how to deal with her. I sit outside in my wheelchair with Frazer so l don’t see everything I think she mither’s…well they did say she could talk to them anytime, but it’s getting a bit too much. She sneaked her one direction dolls in … They all had a go on the running machine. If I didn’t laugh I’d cry ! Michelle and Frazer xx

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LOL at the dolls going running!!

XXX Happy Christmas Michelle and wooof wooooof woof for Frazer


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Michelle you are brilliant keeping everything together. Changing the subject a bit, I take apple cider vinegar to keep UTIs at bay, it really works. I have a SPC and haven’t had a UTI in over a year. It’s also supposed to help with weight loss too, bonus!!! Jane xx

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