Flu shot

Hi everyone,

What does everyone think of getting the flu shot?

I am not too sure if that’s necessary as my MS symptoms are pretty mild at the moment.

I appreciate this might be a bit of a controversial questions, so I just asking to gather info.

Thanks so much

I’ve had the flu jab now since 2012 was advised to have it from my ms nurse. Just think it’s one less thing to worry about getting ( the flu ) and feeling more run down than normal. Hope this helps Neil


i had mine today.

the pharmacist across the road rang me to remind me.

flu would wipe me out so i’m grateful for the jab.


Never had the flu jab.

Everyone i know who had it last year got sick. Most with a rotten bronchitis thing.

Its a personal thing I feel.

I live in sheltered so everyone has the vaccination. I might have it this year I am not decided yet. But if you are vulnerable, get bronchitis a lot then i would have it.

I was shocked last year as literally all the people i know who had the flu vaccine were ill with a cough thing. It was most odd.

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I had mine yesterday. I had flu (not a cold or cough or bronchitis, but influenza which is a different beast) once years ago and was ill for about a month. That would have a dire effect on my MS and potentially cause a relapse so I prefer to try to avoid it.

Also living alone I wouldn’t want to burden other people with looking after me for the sake of a harmless jab.


Will be having it later this week.

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at one time people did feel ill after an injection. originally a small dose of the illness was given to build up immunity. when you think of all the vaccinations we have had, we must have had TB, smallpox, diptheria and more. anyway like Val i had seriously bad flu when i was about 22. freezing and burning up. hallucinating. like being asleep and aware that you are dreaming. that’s why i always get my flu jab.

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I have the flu jab every year. Never get ill from the jab, neither do I get flu. I haven’t even had a cold for at least a couple of years (what’s the betting now I’ve said that, I catch a cold next week?)


I resisted getting the vaccination because I had been ill because of it years ago. My GP told me that they don’t use a live virus any more, it’s a dead one which the immune system thinks is a live virus and so builds up a resistance that way. He added that if I got flu it could make things a lot worse than if I had not got MS to contend with. I was convinced and he gave it to me there and then. Regards, Anthony

Had mine at Tesco this morning 24/9/19, it is free for 65 and older, no problems did not hurt and no effects. They give you a note to pass onto your GP for your records NHS fund it, is big money for the Chemist, GP and all the other hangers on. Get it done it is a killer for the older folk.

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I’ve been getting my flu shot for a few years now 5/6. I caught one of the flu viruses just before Christmas 1999 and it destroyed the festive season including “the minellium” I’ve caught it since and think it turned into pneumonia so now don’t fancy ever feeling as bad as that again! Incidentally I’ve also got type 2 diabetes so I’ve got a double chance of catching the beast.

remember the flu isn’t like a bad cold, it makes you so ill if you dropped a £50 note you wouldn’t be able too pick it up!

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Yes Sue its called SODS law lol. xxx

Cant ever remember having a cold. (ducks). I am going to have the jab though as i am in sheltered there are more people coming in and out, and not only that its uber hot here which is a great place for germs. x

I can’t speak for everyone but I get it every year with minimum fuss & I’ve never caught the flu yet…thankfully

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If you have an auto-immune illness then you are encouraged to have a flu jab.Otherwise you are more likely than some to catch the flu more easily.I’ve only missed one in my 15 years.Never developed the flu since then

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