Flu jabs

Hi there everyone,

just wondering if there’s anyone out there who knows whether flu jabs can affect people with ms adversely?

i always have one and usually have nothing more than a bit of extra fatigue and a lump and/or ache in my arm.

this year I’ve had a jab and three weeks on I’m still feeling rubbish, my arm aches and so does my shoulder and neck on the same side, my anxiety is running high and I am constantly clenching my jaw , which is causing awful jaw and tooth pain! I’ve woken up all achy a few times feeling like I’ve got a flu but don’t develop any cold or flu symptoms (than goodness!)

im aware this year there are four instead of two or three strains in the vaccine, maybe someone knows whether this makes any difference? I’m not panicking but waiting for it to pass. (Hopefully !)

Thanks for reading x

had mine about a fortnight ago and no side effects. I’m supposed to be having my pneumonia one on Monday but there is a shortage of vaccines and the surgery can’t get any.

Hi, I thought this years one was a bit of a stinger and hurt for a few days longer than normal and I felt rubbish afterwards but that was a month ago and all fine now.

hooe you feel better soonly xx

I had mine the other day with no effects at all. Not even the aching arm.

Hope this passes for you soon and you feel better. It sounds wretched.

Had mine earlier this week - no problems at all.


had mine 5 wks ago-all ok.


Had mine at the chemist after a kerfuffle trying to get appt. Only booking flu jabs on a Sat. WTF???

Achey arm for few days but all ok.

Had mine at 11:08 this morning. It didn’t even bleed but the nurse still put on a plaster just in case. Very slight ache but nothing major and I’ll avoid catching actual flu, so all good

Sonia x

Had mine yesterday…no side effects

Hi Wanderer,

i have had MS for 23 years and do not normally have a flu jab. However, there’s been a warning in the news about a particular nasty type of flu coming our way (from Australia). So, I had a flu jab on Tuesday and cannot report any reactions. I did expect a reaction as I had not had a flu jab for decades. This is only my experience, I hope it can reassure you.

Take care


I had my flu injection a couple of weeks ago no problems

  • Not been yet due to ill health,not m.s related.think it’s ? How your immune system reacts .knowing my luck I will probably come down with the plaque (spell ?).cannot spell that great at 5.39 in the morning .it’s been one of those nights no sleep .l o