Flu & Pneumonia jabs

I went and had my annual flu jab on Saturday morning & was advised I should also have the pneumonia jab (a one off), I agreed and was told ok to gave in the same arm. I’m now regretting it. By 7pm on Saturday night my left arm was starting to stiffen up, it also felt odd and I was shattered. I was in bed an hour later and shaking like a leaf. Yesterday I couldn’t move my arm, was on co-codamol to ease the pain and was fatigued.

What is the advice for MS patients on having the 2 jabs at the same time?

I’ve had a look on line & mixed messages.

I’m starting to feel a bit better this morning, arm not so sore but still feeling fatigued.

Many thanks.

I had the two together a couple of years ago and was fine, I can’t remember if I had both in the same arm though.

Glad you’re feel better this morning.

Jan x

I had them both together sometime ago before I had MS and I did have a stiff arm for a few days. I don’t remember feeling unwell but I have sometimes come down with a stinking cold just after having the flu jab. I always think that is coincidence because they give you a dead virus and I’m sure sometimes I am harbouring a cold and just don’t know about it when I go for the jab. Nine times out of ten I have been fine when I have the flu jab. Hope you continue to feel better

Tracey x

I had both together several years ago, and was fine. The site of the flu one is usually a bit tender for a few days, but that’s as bad as it has ever got.


I had my flu jab yesterday and today I feel like I’ve been kicked in the arm but I don’t feel unwell. Didn’t know about the pneumonia one.

Hope you feel better soon.


I also had my Flu jab yesterday after being reminded by this post. No problems at all I can’t even feel a lump on the injection site

Thanks for the unintentional reminder Wolfie.

Jan x