pneumonia jab and flu jab tomorrow....Is it advisable?

Hi all,

Hubby has to have the flu jab which he had for the first time last year with no side effects but this year advised to have the pneumonia one also… This will be done by the district nurse at home tomorrow…

I have read about the side effects of the pneumonia one… Is it a good idea to have or not?

Did you have any problems with it?



I had both together several years ago as advised by the Practise Nurse at my GP’s surgery.

It was fine, no ill effects at all.

Ditto Flowerpot, there was a thread about this beginning of last week, most were positive from what I remember

Thanks for replying Here we go today then Caz

had both together a few years ago with no ill affects had this years flu jag three weeks ago with no gprobs

Absolutely. I had my flu jab on Saturday and had the pneumonia one a couple of years ago at the same time as the flu jab with no problems whatsoever apart from a slightly stiff arm for a day or two. It’s a once only thing so get it out of the way and you’re covered.

I had a simple cold two weeks ago which took me off my feet (really) so I definitely don’t want the flu. I’m also asthmatic and have rhinitis so I’m still chesty and nasal from the cold …

Tracey x