flu jab

Hi everyone

I have been told to have the flu jab this year for the first time just wondered what side affects I should expect.A bit worried as I have a few social events coming up.



The only side effect I had was a slightly achy arm for a day or two. There shouldn’t be any problems so enjoy those social events!

Sarah x

hi annie

i am usually contacted by my gp surgery when the vaccines come in.

this year i didnt hear from them but was having an ms review with one of the nurses.

she asked me if i had had my flu jab and i told her no so she gave it there and then.

i havent had any side effects.

carole x

Hello Anne.

I’ve had the flu jab for the last few years and never had any side effects.


No side effects except for a sore arm for a few days! Teresa xx

I’ve never had any side effects. I’ve got asthma on top of my MS but still haven’t heard from my surgery which I always do.

I have been having the flu jab for the last few years and have never had any problems with it except like others have said a slightly sore arm for a few days.

I;m the same, arm a bit bruised but otherwise nothing

Sonia x


I’ve only ever had a slighty sore arm after it, this year ached less that others for some reason. Anyone who says they got a touch of flu or a cold from it are wrong, they were going to get a cold anyway, just happens that they had the the jab just as it was developing. There is no live virus used in the flu jab, therefore you can’t get flu from it.

Enjoy your events.



Hello! All I had was a heavy arm the next day or a “deed airm” as my dad put it. Worth getting though as having the flu itself would knock your cool social plans for six. Claire xxx


I had a horrible case of flu last year over Christmas. Spent Christmas day in bed ill. Not doing that again so had flu jub a few weeks ago. Felt fine apart from a bit of a sore arm where the injection was. Apart from that I was fine.


With the clear majority on this one. Had my fourth one this year, and have only ever had tenderness at the injection site for about 48 hours afterwards. Even that wasn’t serious - hardly noticeable when up and about, but uncomfortable if you roll on it in bed.


It isn’t a live viral vaccine so it doesn’t give any flu like symptoms or other side effects apart from the achey arm like the others described. My arm was a bit red and swollen and tender for a couple of days.

Definitely do it; the last thing any of us need is the flu. I missed mine a year ago by mistake and the flu I caught turned into double pneumonia and I was in hosptial on IV antibitoics for 10 days and really, really sick. Not worth the risk…


Hi Anne,

I’ve had the flu jab for a few years now , and so far (touch wood) nothing more than a bit of a sore arm , as the others say , it’s gotta be better than flu ? ,I also had a one off pneumonia jab a few years back too


Hi everyone

Just Want to thank everyone for your very kind answers they have helped me a lot as I now won’t worry so much.plus don’t need to worry about getting the flu which I don’t need as I am going through a relapse at the moment the first for a few years but have been told that rebif is not working for me now I am sad as the three times a week injection worked for me. Might have to go on copaxone.But that is another worry.

Thanks again.