Anyone had the flu jab?

Hi all

I’ve got my flu jab booked for next week.

I’ve now heard of 4 otherwise fine people being struck down after it.

I know this is to be expected after a vaccine, however, I never go out, I never mix with people, and I can’t afford time away from my uni work to be ill. Chances of catching flu from an outsider are really minimal.

Has anyone had this year’s offering and how did it go?


Tingly B :slight_smile:

I’ve had it TB with no problems bar a slightly bruised arm for a couple of days.

What’s been said about flu this year is that it is likely to be very, very bad. Because we’ve had a couple of years of going out very little and all the Lockdown months last winter, peoples immune system haven’t had to fight flu. So it might be a hideous year to just change it without the vaccine.

Obviously, it’s your choice, and as you say, you go out very little, so it would be sheer bad luck to get flu. Personally I just didn’t want to chance it.


Yes, I’ve had it and no side effects - not even a sore arm!!

yes, had the vaccine - and the Covid booster jab. Slight sore arm with the latter - no problems!

ive had it as well - no problems x

Hi, yes I had it a few weeks ago, no issues at all. Go for it.

Had mine a few weeks ago.
No symptoms, now even a sore arm.

Covid booster on Wednesday - hopefully no symptoms from that either.

Hope yours goes OK.


Flu vaccine a couple of weeks ago - no side effects at all - covid booster a couple of days ago - just a sore arm the next day - I’ve been having the flu vaccine for years and no issues and more importantly - no flus