Flu jab

Hi everyone, has anyone had a flu jab this year and has it triggered a pseudo relapse. I haven’t yet had any new symptoms but the existing ones are much worse than normal. Thanks Ruth

Hi Ruth

I am due to have one on Monday but not sure if I should or not. I’ve never had one before.

Be interested to see what replies you get.

Sorry your symptoms are bad. Hope you are feeling a bit better soon.

Shazzie xx

Thanks Shazzie, I’m not sure if it is the flu jab or not, have doctors in the morning to see if I have an infection of some sort.

Hi Ruth I have had a flu jab every year for last 5 yrs and it’s been fine and lovely not to be ill with colds etc really works for me.

Had mine monday, part from the sore arm for a couple of days I find it great :))

Hi, I had my flu jab for the past few years and it has been fine no colds etc.Due to have mine tomorrow, X

I’ve had it four years running (ever since diagnosis), and always been fine too. It doesn’t work to stop colds etc. though. If you don’t get colds, it’s just lucky - not a bonus of the flu’ jab, unfortunately. Tina x

Just want to add that this year for the first time, ‘chronic neurological conditions’ are on the list of people who can have it for free… either at GP or chemist. That of course includes us.

Pat x

Thanks for that Pat.

Shazzie xx

Doctor seems to think just a blip following flu jab but likely that is what caused current problem. Hope no-one else feels rough from it

I’ve had the flu jab for the past 17 years or so (asthmatic) and have never felt anything more than an achy arm for a few hours afterwards. I’ve had the 'flu twice before I qualifed for the jab and I would never want it now. A simple cold takes me off my feet for a few days now; I dread to think what the 'flu would do.

As a fit, healthy person I was ‘out of it’ for several days and accused my family of leaving me to rot in bed when my dear mum had been to give me drinks and painkillers every few hours. I had no idea she’d been there … and then it took weeks to build my strength up.

Tracey x

I had it once in the past and was fine so I had it on Monday… I had completely forgotten about it til I was reaching out the next morning, wearing a coat and boy did my arm hurt!

Aside from the wretched bruise taking about 4 days to go, I haven’t noticed any changes. I guess I’m just lucky :slight_smile:

I know my manager that had hers with me last time I had it done felt really wretched for few days afterwards.

Sonia x