FLU jab

Having my flu jab 2day… not had one before, so a bit worried about it giving me another relapse, if I do get a cold with it… not 2 bad at the mo, except for bladder problems and weight gain. Really need to get on some sort of diet, always been really fussy with food, but lately eating anything as just off my food, gonna try and join some sort of place like Slimming World or similar. Also still having major issues with my memory, honestly feels like the last 2 years since been having symptoms has just been wiped out of my memory. Get really uptight about losing it, as at the moment got to write everything down or keep checking things as I’m afriad I’ve forgotten to do something. Like my phone for instance, put it in the washing machine the other day with some clothes, luckily didnt switch it on, but realised it wasnt where I thought it was, so I rang it and hey presto in the machine it was, did have a good laugh, but felt mad with myself because next time it could go though the wash. Anyway gonna get me glad rags on and go and have the jab, see how it goes, cross my fingers, if I could, they’re so bloody cold at the moment, they felt like lumps of ice… Anyway this site is absoltely, positively the best thing ever, dont know what I would do without it…

Hi again (sorry, my last msg. to you was accidentally deleted).

There’s absolutely no evidence the flu’ jab causes relapses.

On the other hand, there’s STRONG evidence flu’ itself is linked with an increased risk of relapse. About a third of MSers who catch flu’ have a relapse within six weeks (this is much higher than the average relapse rate, for MSers who didn’t get the flu’).

So to my mind, there’s no question about the value of having it. It’s not just because flu’s horrible, but because you’re much more likely to have a relapse afterwards.

I had a slightly sore muscle at the injection site for a couple of days afterwards, but no flu’ or fever symptoms at all.


I have been anti flu jab for decades on grounds that it may do more harm than good my GP had agreed.

Until last year when i had the worst flu ever (laid up for almost three weeks) and vowed would have a jab this year. But got hit by it again this time round.

I agree with Anitra have the jab.


I had mine a couple of weeks a go, the site felt a bit bruised for a week or so (it wasn’t visibly bruised) but i felt fine.

I’ve had the flu jab for a few years now and it’s been fine. I sometimes feel a little bit sore on my arm for a day or two, but other than that I don’t have any problems. And it’s certainly a million times better than actually getting the flu.

Good luck


I’m with Dan on this in terms of my experience of the flu jab and what I think about it