Relapse from flu jab?

I’ve stopped my Avonex as my husband and I are trying for a baby. I recently had one of the worst relapses I’ve ever had sadly, but thankfully on the mend thanks to steroids. I was going to get the flu jab like I have in recent years, but my MS Nurse said that relapses are common after it. I’m now a bit nervous to do it this year and risk having another bad relapse seeing as I’m off my meds. What do you reckon I should do? xx

Hi Amanda, I would have the flu jab ! MS and flu are not good companions :cry: I’ve never suffered and problems with the jab (I have ppms) Seb x)

I tend to go into relapses at this time of year and have sometimes looked hard at whether the flu jab might be involved, but I don’t truly think there is a causal link. I get the flu jab anyway, because the likelihood of a nasty relapse after flu really is a high risk, and one not worth taking. Alison x

Hiya I have a flu jab every year, and I’ve never had a relapse after (touch wood for this year!) xx

Hi, I used to get the flu jab but now i dont havent for a few years …had a good read on internet about them and it put me off…havent had flu since not getting them but have had had flu in years gone by…so maybe it depends on your age and your antibodies …refused it this year …stay away from busy places and people…linda

Hi I also refuse it. I guess it just depends how you feel about risk. For me , if I was off sick with flu I could accept that and thi nk it was just bad luck. If I was ill or had a relapse after the flu jab I would find that very hard to accept. It will not be 100% effective and you could still get flu. On the other hand I may not get flu anyway. I also worry about the long term effects of the flu jab on my ms. For me the risks of the jab outweigh the risks of getting flu. You will have to weigh up the risks for yourself and decide. Good luck whatever you decide. Cheryl:)

I was told that the flu jab was not linked with MS relapses. Hmm. I wonder which MS nurse was correct? Karen x

Had a google. Found this: I will be keeping my appointment for my flu jab! Definitely best to get it according to the research. Karen x

I had my first jab last winter which triggered a relapse but I’ll still get it this year despite that.