Flu jab

Hi all

i hope you are all well.

I had a phone call from my gp asking if i want a flu jab and was wondering how other people have found it? Iv heard it can make you worse but wanted to hear from other msers how they have found it.

Sam x

What is dangerous - is the flu vaccine that contains mercury - as a preservative. So do ask your GP what type it is. The UK - is one of the last countries still using this type of vaccine. Other non-mercury types are available. And l do think it is important that we get protected from flu.

Just google ‘mercury in flu jabs’.

Hi Sam

I’ve had one for the past five or six years and would highly recommend it. You might, as I did, get flu like symptoms for 24 hours after the first jab, but since that one occasion I can honestly say I not had any side effects nor even a cold.

Do check with your GP or MS nurse if you’re on any DMDs but I don’t think there will be a problem either way.

Best of luck


I have the flu Jab every year without any problems, apart from a localised hardness around the injected area. This only lasts for a few days. It is not a live vaccine so shouldn’t technically caused any ill effects. xx

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I too have had a flu jab for several years. I understand that some people have side effects, but they are generally mild. Flu can be very bad.

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I have had a flu jab ever since I was diagnosed, so this year will be my fifth one. I’ve never had a problem so far.

If you have RRMS, it’s important to be aware that the reason the jab is recommended is not just because flu is nasty (which it is!) It’s because it increases the risk of a relapse for several weeks afterwards,so definitely better not to catch it in the first place.

Unfortunately, I have been putting mine off and putting it off, and now I have a really bad back, and don’t know when I shall be able to go. Despite the unpredictable nature of MS, I still haven’t learnt my lesson that you can’t just leave things, on the assumption next week or next month will be fine, because there’s quite a chance they might not be. :frowning:


I have had my flu jab this year as usual with no problems. Flu is worth avoiding. Horrible in itself, and inclined to bring on relapses too. Definitely a risk worth protecting yourself against.


Hi Sam,

I have had several flu jabs and never had a problem.

Even getting a sniffle lays me really low and makes my symptoms worse so I really don’t want the flu.

In my view its well worth it.

Mags xx

I’ve had my third annual flu jab last Saturday - none of them have caused any problems for me.


i have had mine today-have had for 5/6 years now. the only difference is i am taking tysabri now but fine so far.

nurse asked me which arm best. although i am right handed i said right cos can feeling nothing with it and use left for doing things. i dont think she fully understood - i have no feeling! made me smile when i didnt feel it all!


I have been having a flu jab since 2000 (the heart surgery qualified me as “at risk”) with no problems so far - and no flu either.
My wife has had them almost as long, with exactly one injection site reaction (this year) that lasted for about three days.
We both took the one-off pneumonia jab when it was offered as well.


I’ve been having the flu jab for around 18 years. I’ve only been dx’d with MS for 5 years but I’ve had asthma a lot longer. I’ve never had any kind of reaction to the flu jab. I have also had the one off pneumonia jab and that did leave me with a stiff arm for a few days but it’s got to be better than having pneumonia.

I find that having a simple cold goes straight to my legs these days and renders me as weak as a kitten so I certainly wouldn’t want the flu. I’ve only ever had flu twice in my life and both times I was completely out of it for days. I lost weight and had post viral fatigue for weeks afterwards. I dread to think what it would be like with MS added to the mix …

Tracey x

Hi Sam,

Anitra is absolutely right about the flu jab limiting the potential for a relapse. Its difficult to put a pattern on the MS relapses but for me the closest I got was having a relapse following a period of illness particularly a viral illness like flu and to be honest having the flu jab did seem to reduce the “Winter” relapses. I have been on the flu jabs for many years and I take the view that anything that can reduce the risk of triggering a relapse is worthwhile grasping.

Good luck


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Thanks guys.

Iv heard people at work saying their friends have had bad side effects but their friends dont have MS so thought i would ask you guys xx

Hi Sam. I don’t know what the figure is for the amount of people who have the flu injection but it’s a lot. The chances of small numbers getting a coincidental illness around the same time doesn’t surprise me. Take care x

hi sammiejo

i have had flu jab for years, pre-dx (was dx this august) and not had problems with it. now on rebif that has ‘flu-like’ side effects so not sure if i will get flu or not. either way, flu is certainly worth avoiding.

have you spoken to your ms nurse (if you’ve got one) as they are much more au fait with MS than most GPs are? my GP is amazing but is aware of her lack of MS knowledge and tells me often to communicate with the nurse. however, my GP did advise the jab knowing i have MS as another reason to have it.

best of luck, fluffyollie x