Flu Jab - Do I? Don't I?

Hey everyone I still haven’t had the flu jab even though I’ve been offered it. What to do? What are your thoughts guys? Help x

definitely have it - I have for the last 5 years and haven’t had the flu. No side effects either but a slight sniffle (but might have been all in my mind!) x

I’ve never got round to having one before, but happened to be at the Doc’s for something else and he did it there and then. No problems at all, it was fine and I admit it’s nice not having to worry about getting flu.


It’s recommended for people with chronic neurological conditions, as we are considered in the “at risk” group.

So yes, I’ve had it ever since diagnosis. Had mine last week - my fourth. So far, I’ve never had any worse side-effect than a bit of a stiff muscle at the injection site. Not much, compared to all the things we all put up with every day.

I notice it’s rarely mentioned that one of the reasons for having it is not just that flu’ might be extra unpleasant on top of MS - though I’m sure that’s true. But if you are RRMS, it significantly increases your risk of relapse in the four or five weeks afterwards. So if you’re serious about avoiding relapses, you should be serious about avoiding flu’.

The jab doesn’t offer 100% protection, but people who’ve had it are estimated to be about 80% less likely to get flu’, so it cuts your risk quite dramatically.



Had the jab last week for the first time. Bit of a sore arm but that was it! Much better than the flu!!

I’d have it. Had one last year with no problem at all and once I get rid of this cold I’ll go for this years jab.

Hi Mini78,

Never, ever had a flu jab and haven’t had anything more severe than a heavy cold in the last 15 years.

Based on my personal experience and history, no plans to be ‘jabbed’ in the foreseeable future!! (…or at least until I hear a compelling enough argument to persuade me that one is absolutely necessary. Haven’t convinced me yet !!)


Hi Had mine last week this is the first year since my dx. My GP strongly recommended I have it. If I can prevent anything I will do it. Workingin an ooffice I find there is always something going around. Barney

Thanks everyone. Will ring in the morning n get an app x

Well - l do not have the flu jab - because like most other vaccines it can contain mercury - which is used as a preservative. l certainly do not want to have flu either - so l shall be asking my GP which type of vaccine they are using. Have looked it up - and the safe ones that are mercury free are Begrivac and lnflexal V. The ones with the mercury preservative in are Fluvirin - Fluarix - lnfluvac - Agrippal. ln Europe they are trying to ban vaccines that contain mercury. l feel my body has enough to put up with - so why add a deadly toxin to it.

So l shall be asking the question before l make an appointment.