Flu jab

Hi I am just looking for some advice as my doctor contacted me today to advise she has made me an appointment to receive the flu jab this year. I do not know anyone else who has had this and was wondering if there is any side effects I should be made aware of? Thanks Polly

Hi Polly!

I had mine this morning and i feel fine. I have one every year.

I did miss it one year and i got the flu. I was pretty ill so won’t be missing it again if i can help it!


Thats great I hate jags but id rather take the 2 minutes to get it done than getting the flu as any little thing is making my symptoms worse. Thanks Teresa Polly x

Side effects? What side effects?
I have been having the flu shot for over 10 years now. So has my wife.

No side effects noted.
Only hit a problem this month when it was put off for two weeks because I waas on a course of anti-biotics.


I had the flu jab a few weeks ago, the first time I had it as newly dx. Had no sided effects at all


Had it every year for 5 years. Arm muscle feels like I walked into something for days afterwards, but minor really compared with the misery of flu and even worse eggting a relapse.

I don’t come here often as I’,m still quite lucky with MS.

Apart from hoping for the best and trying to live heathy-ish, getting the flu vaccine is my option to try to avoid future relapses.

No question about the its worth from me!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: Im just been overly cautious as its all very new to me and every week my doctor seems to giving me something new that I havent had before. Polly

Had mine yesterday. Feel rubbish today but I think that’s relative to how much better I had been feeling the last couple of weeks after a relapse! Sore arm, earache and sore glands on same side. Nothing horrendous though :slight_smile:

me and the wife had ours couple of weeks ago, they give me mine as I have MS and my wife as she is my main carer. We were both fine love mark

Give it time Polly and you will be the one answering the new people on this site.

Don’t be scared to ask anything on here. There is usually someone who can help.

Just wait until you are offered different types of medication - you will be on here loads!

You will get conflicting advise sometimes of course as we all have different opinions on things.

Good luck with it all

Take care


No side effects, just a sore arm :wink:

Sonia x

Hi Polly,

I have mine every year - takes about 10 seconds and only side effect was slightly sore arm for half a day.

It is recommended for MS people.

Treat yoursellf to a coffee afterwards- something to look forward to.

Jen xx


i had Both the flu and pneumonia jabs at the same time (then avonex an hour later). The flu jab had no side effects but the pneu jab did make me feel ill and give me a nasty bruise and swelling. But did pass after a few days, and very “bare-able”. Will be getting the flu jab again.


I’ve been having the 'flu jab for about 17 years as I already had asthma before MS. I’ve never had anything more than a sore arm for a few hours afterwards. Now I have a numb patch of arm anyway so I have the jab there so it’s not so noticeable :slight_smile:

Tracey x

I got my flu jab today! Just a bit sore after but thats I what i expected! I was feeling brave and got my B12 at the same time! Hate jags but thought since I was getting one I might aswell get the other whilst I was there! Thanks Everyone Polly x

Well done Polly - well worth having a flu jab. Flu can lead to pneumonia and nasty complications in MSers, so best be covered! Teresa xx

There is a campaign on our local radio from one of the GPs in the area urging vulnerable people to get their flu jab earlier rather than later. He says every winter, hospitals and GPs are stretched to the limit because of people who end up with some really nasty complications due to flu which could have been avoided if they had just had their flu jab. It’s a no brainer really … and of course it can be fatal.

Tracey x