Flu Jab

Hi everyone I’ve had an invitation to have the yearly flu jab, for the first time! I’m just wondering how many of you have it and are there any after affects? Thanks Mini x

Hi mini I had it last year and had absolutely no after effects whatsoever. Catherine Xx

I don’t have it. Cheryl:-)

I get it for my asthma. I have no side effects from it but I do get a sore spot at the injection site and my arm can be a little bit achey for a day or so.

HTH Angela

I have it every year - you are recommended to do so, if you have MS. I’ve never had any reaction, except slight bruising at the injection site, and I think that depends at least partly on the skill of the person doing the injecting.

It always makes me laugh, though, that they ask the standard question: “Are you well?” before doing the jab. What they really mean, of course, is: “Do you have any infection, that you’re aware of?” But the Devil in me always feels the urge (which I resist) to answer: “Of course I’m not well! I’m never well. I wouldn’t qualify for a flu’ jab if I was fine, would I?”


Hi Mini78,

Been more than 30 years since I had a flu jab …never felt it was a necessary precaution and have yet to be proven wrong.

I think I’ve only had 1 invite in the last 4 years, so I’d assume from that I am not cosidered a risk?!!


Hi Mini

I have never had a flu jab and have always just suffered the odd cold but nothing worse than that.

Another one of those individual decisions I suppose.

Take care

Shazzie xx

Hi Mini,

I’ve never had the flu jab and I’ve never been invited for one either. Touch wood I’ve never had the flu - only the odd head cold but never anything even severe enought to take a day off work. Don’t want the flu either - I live alone so being bed-ridden for a few days would be a right pain in the … derriere!

I think its a personal preference. I know perfectly healthy people who get it every year but my brother, who has asthma and my dad, who is 66 and I never have. But if you feel it is a wise precaution then by all means, go for it.

Take care


Thanks everyone x

I get it every year. I was told that flu might increase the chance of a relapse so I figure it seemed a sensible precaution. I was only specifically invited the first year I qualified though after dx, I have to remember to ring up now and they check the system to check I am eligible.

I get the vaccine every year. It is not a live vaccine - it is live vaccines I have been told to avoid if at all possible. But the flu jab is fine.

I have only had flu once, many years ago and do not want to get it again.


I have it because of m.s but also because I work in a job in which I come into contact with vulnerable people and those that may have flu so I would rather. It get this and therefore have the jab. I have never had any after effects from it x


I’ve been having since I was diagnosed and the only thing I’ve had afterwards is a slightly sore arm.


I’ve had it the past two years, and will be having it this year. No problems at all, not even a sore arm :slight_smile:


I’ve had it the past two years, and will be having it this year. No problems at all, not even a sore arm :slight_smile:


It might be worth mentioning that one of the reasons we’re advised to have it is not just because flu’s horrid - although it is - but because it’s associated with increased risk of relapse for several weeks afterwards.


I’ve have the flu jab every year since my dx apart from 3 years ago. I missed the flu clinic that year but didnt worry about it - big mistake!

I got the flu and i was REALLY ILL! Its taken me ages to pick myself up off the floor!

I will never miss my flu jab ever again!


Hi, I will be having a flu jab later this month.

I`ve had them for 3 years now.

No problems with it.


I have been having the 'flu jab every year for the past 24 years as I’m asthmatic. I have never had any kind of reaction except sometimes a slightly heavy arm for one day only.

I’ve also had a pneuomonia vaccine which gave me a much worse sore arm but it’s got to be better than catching pneuomonia.

Some silly people will try to tell you that you catch the 'flu from having the vaccination but that’s balderdash. They were probably harbouring a cold virus that they were unaware of when they went for the flu jab and it’s a complete coincidence and other people are just scaremongerers. Ignore the idiots.

Tracey x

I have it every year…sometimes I get a lump where its gone in and once out of all the years ive had it I had fluey symtoms that evening. But I went to bed and woke up fine. And then I have never had that since…