LDN and Flu Jab (Not connected)


My GP tells me it is illegal for her to prescribe any more than 28 days worth of LDN at any one time. Has anyone else been told this?

Also, last year after my first flu jab I was so ill and bed bound for 8 weeks although I don’t know if the timing was a coincidence. I know the jab is recommended for us but Im not sure wether to have it again this year. Any advice please. Thanks everyone, Steve.

Never been told that and never had any reports from anyone else, if you recive it on the NHS it may be a local PCT issue rather than a law. My wife was advised never to have any further vaccines when she was diagnosed with MS due to a risk it might adversly effect her but I am aware that is not the usual advise.

My GP issues a three month prescription, so doubt it is illegal.

Thanks David and Whammel.

I did doubt the doc on the LDN issue, and I was advised by her that it was important to have the flu jab because of the MS. Confused


i get prescription for 3 months-via emed. taken ldn for 8 years and had flu jag yearly for past 4/5 years (gp well aware i take ldn


l too get a three month script from emed. But l am not sure about vaccines. l was advised not to have vaccines and certainly not to let my daughter - when she was a baby - to have the MMR. All vaccines contain a preservative which is mercury. The last thing we need. l know the health organisations in Europe are trying to phase out the mercury from vaccines - so it is best to ask first.

My MS reared its ugly head when l was pregnant with my daughter - now 30yrs old. And my GP at the time [now retired] not only was against the vaccines - but he also believed that my amalgum fillings were not doing me any favours. So did the dentist l saw at the Dental Hospital. He was only too pleased to remove them.

So no - l do not think that LDN is a problem when having a flu-jab - but if it contains mercury in the preservative - then that would be a problem.

Try googling vaccines - flu jab - mercury and see what comes up.