Flu Jab and Gilenya


Is anyone currently on Gilenya who has had (or is thinking of having) the flu jab?

I had the flu last year and it floored me for nearly 2 weeks. I swore I would get the jab this year but that was before I started taking Gilenya and I’m worried about the effects of the flu jab on a supressed immune system. I can’t find any guidance other than to contact my neurologist or MS Nurse, but I thought I’d ask on here first to see if anyone else on Gilenya has had the jab.

Any advice or comments welcome.



Hi JZ, I am on Gilyena (since May this year) and had my flu jab a week ago. I was also advised to ask practice nurse about getting a pneunococcal vacine so I don’t get pneumonia I guess. Advised to leave 2 weeks between having the 2 jabs just in case. No effects from the flu jab apart from a bit sneezy and a bit warm in bed first night but took paracetomal which did the trick. I’d get it if I was you - I guess we are more likely to catch flu and anything else going now we are on Gilyena and sounds like it was vile last time you got it. Good luck x How’s it going for you otherwise? I feel fine on it and it’s a real relief not to be injecting!

Hi Jake

I’ve still not started on Gilenya but I am due to have the flu jab next week. I have it every winter and have done so for the past 20 years as I’m asthmatic. I didn’t see anything in the notes about Gilenya that suggested it wouldn’t be advisable to have the flu jab.

I did notice in the information notes about Gilenya that it may make the flu jab less effective so I did nag my asthmatic son to make sure he got his flu jab this year too. The other year he delayed it and then he caught the flu! Now he has had flu he has realised why I used to drag him along for a jab every winter, ha ha! I certainly didn’t want flu in the house this winter if there is any chance that my flu jab might not be so effective. (However since I’m not on Gilenya yet I guess that isn’t an issue now anyway …?)

Tracey x

I’ve had the flu jab every year for about the last six years.I think that I missed it one year.I can’t remember why.They let me have the jab when I was on the Fingolimod drug trial (2007-2009).

Last year I asked my neurologist,and he said it was ok,but he waited to see my white cell count.So yes,ask your neuro.

I’ve never had the flu,but often get colds.

Hi Tracey,

Sorry to see that you’re still waiting to go on Gilenya.

Thanks, Brenda

Nearly there hopefully. Just a few question marks with my heart. There can’t be much wrong with it as I’m still getting about okay but I have to have an ultrasound to satisfy the cardiologist and then he’ll make his decision. Better safe than sorry. Either way, I don’t really want to go back to injections. I didn’t mind doing them but it’s been soooo nice without them :slight_smile:

Tracey x

I really hope that you get on it!

Hi Stans Mum. Thanks for your reply. I’m waiting to hear from the MS Specialisst Nurse before going for the jab (She hates it when I do anything without telling her). I’ve getting on great with Gilenya. Best I’ve felt since being diagnosed and a million times better than injecting. I always worry about having a supressed immune system, it’s always at the back of my mind. No issues so far though (touch wood). Glad you’re doing well on it.


Hi Tracey. Thanks for your reply. I’m decided just to get the jab but I’m going to run it past my MS Specialist Nurse first. I do hope you get on Gilenya soon. Be sure to post an update when you get the go-ahead. All the best.