tecfidera and flu jab


I am just wondering if anybody has had there flu jab yet .

This is the first time that I will be getting the jab with being on tecfidera .just a bit concerned about any sideffects.


i do not believe there would be any interactions / complications.

but i also do not believe the flu jabs provide any real, significant benefit.

(of course i appreciate that if the flu presents you with a very real risk to longevity, then it is worth the trouble.)

i think you should ask a paid professional.

I have just checked with my MS nurse about having the flu jab. I have been on Tecfidera mow for 14 weeks. She said it was okay to have the jab as it is not a live virus. I have booked to have it at the next flu clinic.


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I’ve been on tecfidera for 6 months and had my flu jab last week. All ok.

Grrrrr can’t have it as lymphocytes too low. Have to wait till they recover a bit. Blood test tomorrow hopefully will show they’ve gone up to more than .5.