Hi Marcus

I decided to go for the jab and had it on Saturday.  My arm still nips a wee bit and got a really bad cold too now, think this has more to do with hubby giving that to me and spending 3 hours at A+E with him having a kidney stone.  Glad I got the jab done, took no time at all.

Hi Marcus.


Had mine two weeks ago, as with all the previous flu jabs, the day following, I felt great and could fight the world.

Pre MS, I was a blood donor for many, many years, the same effect, the day following the donation, I felt I could fight two worlds.


Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Thanks for reminder Marcus. I'm seeing GP on Wednesday and will ask for it then. 

I didn't have jab 3 years ago and got flu (it's the only virus I've had in about 6 years)... anyway I was in bed for 3 weeks... thought I was dying... took about 2 months to get back to normal (well 'normal with MS' if you know what I mean.. which I'm sure you do!)...

Pat x

I had my flu jab the weekend before last.  I don't usually react, but I've been much more exhausted since - I'm much much better now!

I had been totally exhaused myself in September and kicked off ON and increased dizziness, which must have been the root of the problem.  Even if my exhaustion WAS due to the flu jab and nothing else it's got to be so much better than having flu!  

I also had the pneumonia (which I can't spell!) jab at the same time.  I'll definitely be having my flu jab next year and looking forward to NOT having flu again.

Yep, had mine a couple of weeks ago, Marcus.

Had no reaction except slight tenderness at the injection site for a couple of days. Definitely no flu’-like symptoms.

Folks should bear in mind that it’s not just “because it’s nasty” that we MSers should avoid flu’, but because of the greatly increased risk of relapse for up to six weeks afterwards.


I had mine a couple of weeks a go too. My GP hold 'flu jab' clinics at this time of year for the ... (people of a certain age), so when I rock up, they do give me a second glance as if I shouldn't be there (walking stick and all if you please!). Third year running now and I've never (touching wood) had a sniffle happy2

Would definitely recommend it.

I'm having mine tomorrow I always seemed to get a cold but this well be my 4th year getting the flu jab and touch wood I haven't had a cold in all that time.


Had mine last Wednesday, it was like a conveyor belt in my GP’s surgery. I was in and out so fast, I hardly had time to blink!

Had no flu-like after-effects so that’s great!

Tree65 xx

Thanks marcus, I had mine done a couple of weeks ago, the surgery was packed out and I got some evil looks because I had to sit down!


All I had was sore muscle the next day where she injected me.  Havent been able to get my partner/carer to have his done, he is just like his dad and thinks he'll get it from having the jab (flu).


Ive already told him, they dont give you the flu, its an  inert (?) vaccine.


Take care all




[quote=“Kayelou 86”] Hi all, Can you just ring up and book the flu jab without an invitation letter from your GP? I know my GP’s are holding a few flu jab clinics at the min and haven’t heard anything so was just curious!! Thanks :slight_smile: xx [/quote] I found my invite / reminder on the bottom of a prescription! Didn’t know I could have one, but had it this morning!!! Worth just ringing surgery to find out! Jo x

Got my own this morning - quick and easy (no pain at all with the injection) - nurse said that I 'might' have a bit of a sore arm but will pass quickly - feel protected now!


got it done a week past on friday,no probleems what so ever :slight_smile:

Had mine done on Saturday.  Have been having flu jab for years as both my son and I are asthmatic.  Last year he missed his as he had a cold and before we could get him booked in again he caught the flu.  He was ill in bed for over a week and had post viral fatigue for another 3 weeks (for a normally fit 17 year old, that was quite a shock for him) so he was very keen to get his jab done this year!  I have caught a cold now but I think that is because I spent time with a friend on Friday who had an absolute stinker of one and she kindly shared it letdown!!

It doesn't hurt, is over in seconds and is so much better than catching flu.  I have had flu twice in the past when I was young and had no other health problems and it really takes you off your feet even when you have nothing else to contend with.  My legs often have what I call flu-like achiness so the thought of flu + MS = very nasty indeed!

Take care