gp visit


been to doc`s, the nurse actually, for results of blood tests.

No diabetes, BP fine, cholesterol 4.5, risk of heart problems in future 10.5% (they aim for under 20%), thyroid fine, there may be a slight uti, otherwise all good. On paper i am fit and healthy…so why then, oh why, cant l chuffin` walk?

I know…tek no notice…btw the bookcase and fire extinguisher didnt cause me any trouble getting into a different room this week!

I had a pneumonia and a flu job. Didnt know how much the pneumonia jab protects against…ie meningitis, septicemia. Aching a bit now…the flu jab arm.


Hi Poll,

Glad you said blow to the bookcase etc, shouldn’t have been there!! Pleased you had your flu jab but sorry your arm aches. I had my flu jab on Saturday and they wanted to give me the pneumonia jab as well but informed them I had already had it in 2013 but since changing doctors the information has not been passed on. My new doctors insist I have it again but I was told it was for life. Now I have to prove to my new doc’s that I have had it. What a palava.



Hope your arm eases up soon.

Hi folks I had flu jag about three weeks ago and pneumonia although I had it a few years ago they wanted me to have it again

No problems at all hope your all as good as g

Had my 'flu jab on Friday. I’m sure it’s redder and ‘lumpier’ than previous years! I now have a stinking cold, but I guess that was coming on before I got the jab.

I had the pneumonia vaccination a few years ago, but the nurse said to me you can only have it once, and at one point she seemed to be panicking as she went to put it on the computer, and thought that I’d already had it. At least I know not to panic if I do end up being given it again sometime in the future!

Thanks guys.

I was told I can only have the pneumonia jab once! Surely it is on record from your previous to, Janet? Hmm?

Having a duvet day and had to re-arranged booked massage. Don’t want my tender arms pummelling today!

Luv. pollx

Hi Poll,

The nurse that gave it to us was leaving the practice the same day so we wondered if she actually recorded it. I have since phoned my old practice and asked them to forward the clarification of us having had the jab to our new doc’s, I await news!!!