Reaction to flu jab or MS?

Hi people

I had my flu jab on Saturday and am wondering if I am having a reaction, (I’ve never had a reaction before). I had a terrible night with nerve pain and aching in my joints, now I feel whoosy and have a slight head ache, despite taking pain drugs.

Just wondered if anyone else has had a reaction to flu jab?

Thank you for any replies.

Wendy x

Hi Sorry but I didn’t have any reaction to the jab but know a couple of people that did, they don’t have MS. I hope for you it is the jab. Sending you hugs Barney

Hi Wendy

My hubby had his flu jab yesterday. He doesn’ have MS and he had a bad night and has been poorly all day with a thumping headache and aches an pains. He looks terrible.

I am so sorry you feel poorly. Hopefully it is the jab and nothing else. It’s funny Dave is poorly after having his.

Hope you feel better soon.

Shazzie xx

Thank you for your replies everyone, still not sure but it does sound very similar to Shazzie’s husband, I have taken a Clonazepam tonight, that should help with nerve pain, take care everyone,

Wendy x

Hope you get a good nights sleep Wendy.

I will let you know how Dave is in the morning. He won’t be going to work if he feels the same. He feels that bad.

Shazzie xx

How are you feeling today Wendy?

Hubby is bit better but still has the headache and aching a little.

Are you feeling any better? Hope so.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie

I am a lot better today thanks Shazzie, that Clonazepam (don’t take it every day, just when nerve pain becomes unbearable). I think it allowed me a good night sleep and it seemed to help with the nerve pain, I still feel quite weak, in that arms and legs don’t want to do a lot and balance is bad but that could be down to MS. My headache has gone, time will tell. I hope your hubby feels better in the morning too.

Wendy x