flu jab

Just been to the doctors for my annual flu jab, and was told that patients with ms no longer get the flu jab? anybody no why.

Going for mine on Saturday. 


Never heard of that before us not getting the jab.  Thought people with an Auntimmune disease got the jab.  We are a high risk group of people who are likley to get flu!!!!!


C x

Had mine a few weeks ago - was just in for a routine appointment when a note popped up on the computer to remind the GP I should be offered the flu jab, as I have MS, - and I was given it there and then...

I would query why you're not being offered it...


Had mine two weeks ago ! nothing said about not being able to have one due to having ms!

Hi, had mine last week, no problem.

Was reading a leaflet somewhere, maybe in doctor's surgery, that listed who can have it free, and it said something like "people with long-term chronic conditions like MS". Maybe it was an old leaflet? 

Pat x

I did ask gp but he did not know why, but if the nurse says its a no no then it must be right, and perhaps others were not as up to speed!

well iv'e had mine the nurse asked why i said ms and then gave it to me never said anything else so don't no

On the flyer given out at our GP when I had mine it explicitly states MS as being an eligible condition.



Had mine a couple of weeks ago. My GP said that MS was not one of those conditions that would allow you to get a jab but that she would recommend that I be given it. I had to wait for an ‘invite’ letter from the surgery but I had no problem getting the jab after all this!


Chronic neurological disease you get the flu jab and a load more sh** besides!  Aren't we the lucky ones...

Take care, M

This is a complete mystery to me. I was even telephoned by my surgery and urged to have the jab, and no money or blood changted hands, so assume that we are still on 'the list'.         


Me too, and I'm only a 'probable'.  Sounds odd. 

Had mine about 3wks ago , Dr informed me that I eligable for it and i`d gone to see her for a totally different matter,I too am a `Probable`


I saw my GP yesterday for a repeat prescription and was offered the flu jab while I was there. I declined, but it stilll seems us MSers are on the list.

I was at my GP's yesterday for a blood test and asked the practice nurse if I should be having the jab but she said MS wasn't considered to be in the high risk group but it was up to me.  I've never bothered before and didn't this time. In my opinion we get pumped with too many chemicals as it is which further undermines our own immune systems.    

I had mine last week and she never mentioned about not having it again. In fact she said 'see you next year for your next jab' Apparently the last time i saw the doctor was a year ago for the flu jab. Must have had a good year then!!

I'm just back from the GP surgery having had mine, so the news certainly hasn't reached Gloucestershire.



This is a link to the NHS statement of flu vacancies:-

Unless someone is going to suggest MS is not a long term neurological condition I would suggest the NHS say you should be offered them. It is probably local policy in your case not to offer them.

My only criticism of the NHS statement is whilst it is headed ‘your NHS your choice’ it actually contains no factual information to you help you make an informed choice.  What reduction does it give in your chances of getting the flu and what risks does it have particularly if you are already sick with MS? Is there any evidence that it is even a safe thing to do every year for the next 40 years maybe? It just does not attempt to give any information to make a decision on.

Therefore you have to go elsewhere for information other that the organization offering you the 'service'.

In your case of course it seems you want something you are not being offered so it is not your NHS your choice.

I had mine last month no problem. The poster at the GP surgery clearly said anyone with chronic illness and MS ain't exactly going anywhere, more's the pity!

Karen x

Well I was invited to get my flu jab....thought it was due to having MS.....????????????


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