update on flu jab

After being refused the flu jab I finally spoke to the surgery nurse today, she told me that ms patients do NOT get the flu jab, only if they have any other illness like epilepsy, but on this occassion the gp has told them to give me the jab, I dont know about you but it sounds like a load of B*****ks, she repeated that flu jabs for ms patients is against any guidelines they have…I told her she was wrong.

Still all sounds rather odd, you shouldn’t have to persevere when it comes to these things when we have enough to deal with. Glad though that they have relented and given it to you.


Hello, well my surgery must have different directives to your`s.

Ive had a flu jab, on invitation twice now...and I dont have epilepsy.

luv POllx

Think it must be a local thing, specific to your surgery.

Mine has a big poster up on the wall, listing reasons to book your free flu’ jab. “Chronic neurological condition” is one of them, although it doesn’t mention MS by name.

I understand that If you have MS then you have a Chronic neurological condition and are entitiled to a Flu jab.

I would write to your GP requesting future inoculations on this basis

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I am a practice nurse and you are entitled to flu jab due to your immune system being supressed. If you are having to take high dose steroids regulary and some ms meds will also supress your immune system even more… I think your practice nurse needs to check her list again and I think she/he will find immunosupressed on there. Hope that helps best wishes from Sarah in limbo xxx

Sorry, but MS is not an immuno-suppressive illness, so that argument won’t hold water. If anything, the theory goes that it’s due to an overactive immune system, that needs calming down (that’s why the steroids help).

So yes, I do agree with you that steroids, and some other meds prescribed for MS might result in a weaker immune system.

But MS itself doesn’t. The main justification for MSers to have the flu’ jab is that any viral infection, but particularly respiratory ones like flu’ could stimulate an already overactive immune system, and that’s when damage occurs. There’s a much higher risk of relapse in the six weeks following a bout of flu’. Presumably because the immune system’s had a cue to “get busy” - which it does. Unfortunately against things which are not enemies.


Hi. Just been to see the nurse at my gp for different issue but whilst there was told i was definately having the flu jab as ms sufferers should because getting flu can cause us problems. Went in lloyds pharmacy and the flu jab leaflet there lists ms as a definate for getting one. Try and pick up a leaflet from there and show it your gp / nurse. Good luck karina x

Hello, my surgery queried me when I asked for the flu jab, but relented and agreed when they looked up my notes and saw I had had it for the last few years. Interestingly, I have not even had colds, let alone the flu, those years.

I go on Thursday for mine.


Here’s a link to the Department of Health information leaflet. Looks clear enough for even the thickest and most stubborn GP and practice nurse to understand.