Another Ear Worm!

Last night I had a dream where I was able to walk once more. Oh boy, was that great.

We were somewhere abroad on holiday and while we were walking we came upon this group, a bit of a favourite of mine, playing live on the street. Double whammy. Able to walk and see these guys live!!

Serious ear worm in my sleep throughout the night!!!

I can always walk in my dreams. I love dreaming. I’m fully able bodied. MS is not in my life in my lovely dreams.



Ah how nice it must be for you, nice to read the band you’re a fan of were there too.

I agree, I love most of my dreams too. My children are usually still very young in my dreams, my parents are both alive, full of life and good health. Fab to re-tread my awake steps of steady walking, climbing, carrying children, visiting many far off destinations that really happened over a decade ago. Dreams with friends, family and even school daydayss pa always

I always wake up very happy.

Chrissie xx


Thanks for that link. Never heard of the Dead South. I loved it! Clicking my fingers to it.


Hiya Poppy,

Not my usual musical preference, but really enjoyed this song and will certainly try to find out more about the band (…will show the video to my brother on his next visit - I’m sure he’ll enjoy it too!!)

Thank you for sharing this and the smile it caused - helped me forget about what a lousy day it’s been!


Ann and Dom. My husband used to teach Bluegrass style banjo as a hobby. Self taught. He really doesn’t like the group! I can’t even remember how I came across them but I’m hooked. I see they’re touring the UK just now, then back to Canada, US and Germany. Dom I hope your day and mood improve. We’re having another day of blue skies and sunshine here. Two in a row!

I liked Beautiful South, just for a short while, afraid I’ve not heard of Dead South.

Fab dream for Poppy to meet them in the street as she walked perfectly straight, no stumbles, no being thought of as drunk. Just perfectly healthy and Dead South playing for her & whoever was with her! This is surely what Dreams are meant for.

I’m pleased for Poppy, just as I was pleased to dream of my own favourite singer.

Chrissie x

Cheers Christie. Funnily enough, I never had the stumbling, looking drunk period. My progression was so fast, I went from a crutch to walker to wheelchair within twelve months. I love to dream alright!

Thanks for the worm. It’s stuck now. From your dreams to my head!!

Oh, you’re welcome. :smiley: I’ve been on YouTube and binged on their stuff. There’ll be no sleep tonight now.

fantastic ear worm poppy!

thanks x

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I think I’m old; Daryl Hall must be ill again, he’s got Lyme’s but the people he used to have in sessions around his house Sara Smile- Jimmy Wayne and Daryl Hall (Live from Daryl's House) - YouTube good ear worm

I was playing football in my dream the other night, in the same team as my 2 boys! I’m 54, they’re 22 and 20. I haven’t been able to run for 15 years. Last night, I was playing golf. I haven’t been able to play for 5 years. Scored at eagle at the third. Hit a cracking drive at the fourth, then someone ran on to the course and pinched my golf ball. Then I woke up. Weird Derek


tonight you should try to continue that dream and give the blighter what for!

That link doesn’t work. There should be a space before good to stop it being included in the link.

A classic ear worm; didn’t know but this singer is Sam Cooke’s daughter Womack & Womack - Teardrops (Official Music Video) - YouTube

No sporting exploits last night. Today I did watch the team that one of my lads play for. Maybe that will get the brain fired up for some action tonight.


Oh Poppy.

My dreams of being able bodied are now history. I used to dream that I’d be jogging along thinking I was cured.

Now I dream of losing my stick, losing my wheelchair and losing my way.

What a crazy mixed up dream world we have.

But my ear worms are real.

Today has been Cat Stevens, Where do the children Play.


Hi Steve. I still have futile dreams/hopes of being able to throw the bed covers aside when I wake up in the morning, and being able to swing my legs to the floor. I really . still think it might happen! Complete denial eh? I heard a real oldie on the radio during the week. The Carnival is Over by the Seekers. A wonderful ear worm that had me searching for other songs by them.