Hi all, well I had a fantastic dream last night…someone had invented some trousers which made me walk…after many years of immobility…the trousers were made up from little foil, air filled sacs. When I put them on, the warmth of my body made them tighten and this forced the nerves and muscles to work together so I could walk…albeit like a robot…but I was soooo happy and shouted, I can go on a coach holiday to Paris now!

This is a holiday I am wanting.You know, if I could climb a coach`s steps,I could get that holiday for under £300! No such luck with my stupid legs!

luv Polly

Oh Poll

What a lovely dream.

Why don’t they make it possible for us to get into buses and coaches. Not nice is it.

Bet you were chuffin mad when you realised it was a dream.

Shazzie xx

Poll that must have felt good until you realised it was a dream. I am struggling to distinguish between my dreams and reality currently it takes me so long to work it out. I certainly would like a pair of these trousers. I suspect if they were real we wouldn’t be able to afford them, as with anything for people with disabilities they triple the price at least Barney

Oh, Poll

That must have been a lovely dream.

I will set Wallace & Gromit on to it, they are good at inventing things. Your post reminded me of the film The Wrong Trousers. What could possibly go wrong?!

Tracey x

Oh Poll

Sounds like a lovely dream, wish I had a magic wand to wave so you could “live your dream” but like dreams, in reality I don’t, sorry.

Hope you are doing OK.

Pam x

Hi Poll,

I just need a pair to help me walk in a straight line. I’ll have mine in black. Its a nice thougth hun. I hope you enjoyed your dream and reality wasn’t too much of a disappointment.

JBK xx