Hi everyone, hope today is being kind to you all. I had a very weird situation arise. I usually only dream occasionally but for the last three nights I have been having very vivid dreams to the point where I woke up this morning and was sure what I had dreamed was real! Also in my dreams I am able bodied and am able to walk and move around (if only that was real). These haven’t been bad dreams luckily as I am very much of the opinion that it is only your brain processing and sorting various pieces of information to the relevant places of your sub concious. Just interested to see what anyone else gets - do you dream in colour, with sound etc. Maybe it’s a result of various meds we all take. I prefer it when I don’t dream because then I get a decent night’s sleep. Linda x

hi linda

i dont usually remember dreaming but i took LDN for a while and the dreams were brilliant, glorious technicolour!!

sometimes i wake up remembering talking to someone who i dearly loved but they have passed.

my mum and my best friend.

if i’ve been worried about something, i know what to do about when i wake up.

thanks mum and kath!!

i’d been depressed last time kath called to me, the next day an invitation came through the post to her grandchild’s christening!

yea, i know i’m weird but it’s lovely knowing they are still looking out for me.

carole x

ps sorry for hijacking your post

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like carole i had brill dreams when i started ldn. now so much now just occasionally. could be drug related or just too much on your mind?

take care, ellie

Carole you certainly didn’t hijack my post, i’m interested to know all thoughts, feelings and experiences. Hopefully we’ve all got someone looking out for us, even if we’re not aware of it. Linda x

Hi Linda,

I rarely remember my dreams but the little I remember is usually weird but I believe it wholeheartly.

For example abseiling up a building which was on fire to kill a nest of vampires (as you do) with my best friend with me as I was complaining about a guy from work.

Aliens landing, little glass marbles turning spaceships which my brother and I shot down with a Gatling gun as two suns shone in the sky, mini nuclear bombs going off as a friend and I tried to guide people to safety, walking through a city on my way to meet friends, family and workmates the night before I was to be executed for something my brother had done and just feeling really peeved that I was getting blamed.

I live my dreams intensely while I dream them but I’ve never been scared in any of them. I’ve never had a nightmare that I could remember. Is that a normal thing - do people generally have nightmares occasionally?

Don’t we all have weird brains - even when they work properly

JBK xx