ear worm

excellent ear worm just now courtesy of son’s strumming.

Dancing in the Moonlight by the wonderful Thin Lizzy.

every home should have a resident guitarist!

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I’m 40 years old newly diagnosed. Over Xmas my eyes went as I say ‘bonkers’ they wouldn’t stop moving even though I wasn’t moving them. They have since settled down. I’m awaiting to have a Vision Evoked Potentials test which should hopefully tell me that I have Optic Neuritis. I have my first virtual meeting with an MS nurse this week. I’m eager to start some sort of treatment over the coming weeks/months. I will have to be referred, my local hospital won’t treat unless I have a relapse within 2 years. My MS team from the hospital have given me details for another hospital where they do treat after first diagnosis. I’m married and have 2 children age 12 & 11, I know we can lead relatively normal lives but I do worry about the future. One minute I’m fine one minute then the next I’m asking myself what if… questions.
Age isn’t on my side, every twinge I get I feel I’m having a flare up. I have spoken to people I know who have family who have it, all these people live within a 6 mile radius of where I live, I’m sure there are plenty more. No one else in my family has MS my daughter age 12 has Juvenile Dermatomyositis which is an autoimmune disease, not sure they are both connected. But anyone else with MS and other family members with other autoimmune diseases?

Saw Thin Lizzy at the Odeon in Birmingham in the early 80’s

They have a great back catalogue but you only ever hear the same few tracks over and over…

Dancing in the moolight is one of my favourites, off to find and play it now!

Envy, envy, envy… would have so loved to see the wondrous Thin Lizzy…

…failing that, a resident guitarist would do… x


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thanks Floopy and Sue

I count myself as lucky to have a guitarist par excellence here with me.

I’m not allowed to comment because he says that he only plays for himself, which I think is selfish! xx

I do have a resident guitarist!

He’s always been very musical ever since he was young, unfortunately he plays most of the time plugged into headphones so I can’t hear him…he plays a really good version of wish you were here, and also comfortably numb…

Now that’s nice. An earworm of Wish You Were Here, or Comfortably Numb would be very nice.


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The worst ear worm ever!

Wellerman, Nathan Evans. It went in the first time I heard it and stayed in after the second. Go to bed with it, wake up with it! Arggh!

Hi Redders1 i think you need to start your own thread hun as you are tagged onto something which is totally irrelevant to what you have written and its a shame as you wont get seen.

the answer to your last question about family members and other autoimmune disease. Yes most of my family my own daughters and my siblings and nieces have some sort of autoimmune. thankfully non of them in the major groups.

autoimmune thyroditis, endometriosis, sjorgrens, and possible lupus being tested for now.

My father had Lupus and my grandfather had parkinsons. we dont know who is father was so it could have come from there. You having MS doesnt mean your daughter would. Have you checked back with your family tree as the rational would be someone in it had it?

Optical neuritis.

2000 I went blind on holiday it took until 2007 to be told i had, had ON. I had a VEP test which showed even then bilateral slowly of brain etc and the 2000 episode was probably ON back then which was dismissed as heat effects.#

over time and space and 2015 had another VEP test which got me diagnosed in 2016 with PPMS. My neuro told me ON is a classic sign of PPMS. in between i had MRIa with lesions in 3 different places. My lumbur puncture muddied the waters and i have since learnt that PPMS rarely shows in LP.

My eyes were not flickering though at the time, i have had episodes of ON, triggered by heat, starts with weird peripheral vision and colour perception screwed, and also distance perception, and double vision, pain and blurry. bright lights are a no no. In fact one test to see if i was having an attack was looking at colour blind cards with a number in the middle. Also i had to ask my daughter to choose colours for me when decorating as my colour was off.

With ON if you have an attack steroids are supposed to help but i was never given them.

i hope you get your VEP test soon. its an easy test and not scary or anything.

take care. CC.


If we are going to get unto guitar stuff, I have been a fan of Jimmy Page but for a quick fix of air guitar I go to Van Halen “Ice cream man” or if I need to mainline : Van Halen Eruption (live for preference)


thanks mick

I’ll have listen later

Jimi hendrix was best guitarist in the world BUT for me Brian May amazing guitarist. VAN HALEN yes i would agree too.


Thanks CC I just spent a glorious hour n YouTube with Jimmy Page Jeff Beck Eddie Van Halen Eric Clapton I had to stop before my ears start to bleed,


lol a wonderful hour in deed hun. i love all of them. me born 1951, rock sustained me on a tour in germany with my army husband lol. 3 years of it i was a true rock chick and head banger lol.

Ps I forgot Sammy Hagar Peter Frampton Tony Iomi and Angus from AC / DC and a few more

Since its December in one week I CAN NOT to stop to listening christmas music and I don’t know why but this year I listen and singin Sia Snowflake on repeat maybe I should do a ear cleaning appointment or something for this worm LOL

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