Hello just a bit of advice needed please… 2 months ago I was told I had optic neuritis just before that I had sun burn like legs. Obviously with the eye I went to the opticians and got sent to hospital to get it checked out that’s when they said ON. She said to me they wasn’t ruling out MS or not saying it was. So got send for VEP and MRI scan on brain and spine they mri came back clear EP said slight damage on eye but nothing to worry about. So I haven’t really got anywhere. He did say if I want a LP I could so I said I will, just waiting for a date to come through the post now. I have always had niggles and pains but just got on with it not thinking anything of it. But now I’m thinking maybe it has got something to with what’s going on??? Or was that moment just a one off. I’m so confused

Hi Larry, That’s par for the course with the MS road. Not saying you have MS. But things never move as fast as you would like. I have greatly improved my patience skill. As there is B nothing you can generally do to speed things up. Unless its urgent maybe. Confusion - yes that’s another MS road bump. Things that are happening but just don’t make any sense at all. Need to be accepted if not understood. A MS mystery. So really no point wasting your time and sproggling your brain about things you might not get the answers to. LP should give answers but might not. Do search on here about best strategy for LP. Haven’t had one myself but think it involves drinking lots either caffeine or non caffeine - cant remember which and not getting up for a while. Best case and a possibility for you is you don’t have MS at all - here’s hoping. Keep strong Min xx

Hi larry, ON was the relapse that kicked off my diagnosis…and the eye hospital recommended the neurology appointment. However I was told that alone it was unlikely to be MS… They didn’t know I had what ended up being approx 7-9 previous relapses. My MRI on brain and spine showed all these lesions. Everything crossed for you it’s not!! But if it is then there is so much advise out there and minor lifestyle changes that are not only beneficial to MS but also general life. Good luck Lynsey

Thanks for your replies much appreciated