pink floyd-comfortably numb

time for a sing along folks.

pick a song you can associate with ms if you have one. love comfortably numb by pink floyd, very apt at times.


Chumbawamba: I get knocked down


I like this little song and video, called "Pins and Needles" by Project Jenny, Project Jan:

It contains the immortal line (if I've heard it right): "You['ve] got the gift, you give me paraesthesia"

I'm sure I first encountered it in connection with MS, and had the impression one of the band had MS.  But I can't seem to find anything about it now, so maybe I imagined that part.  confused

It's certainly odd inspiration for a song, if the writer doesn't have personal experience of MS.


Wonderful Life by HURTS



I'll Still Be Me by Martina McBride.

Karen x


I have loads but not because of the lyrics just because they remind me of various points on this journey.

Lisa Stansfield - All around the World, my first (I think) symptom in 1989, I just knew there was something wrong.

Marianne Faithful - As tears go by, during 1989 after first symptom when I was off to see a dr, but got nowhere but by this time I was better anyway.

Pulp- Common People in 1995, when I came close to a diagnosis.

Coolio - Gangsta’s Paradise, when I was diagnosed at the end of 1995.

Four Seasons - December '63, after I was diagnosed and went to hospital for steroids.

There are others but won’t bore you any more, I still cringe today when I hear Lisa Stansfield but the others I remember in a more positive light especially Decemver '63 because by that time I had been diagnosed and I was fighting ms and was positive.


Needles and pins by the Searches. X

comfortably numb is a fantastic song. i bought tickets to see roger waters for my husbands birthday last year. he wants it played at his funeral!

my personal ms song is "spasticus autisticus" by ian dury. i sing it to myself when my legs are playing up.


carole xguitar

I'm another vote for Chumbawamba: I Get Knocked Down.


Im on gonna ride on Bon Scott AC/DC mmmm xxxx

PS!!!! Im not dead, Pink & Embrace, Ashes, Gravity & Out of Nothing xxxx