Fun thread for everyone - a limbo crimbo!

Tom C made a great suggestion on my other thread for a fun thing we could do to cheer ourselves up, write lyrics for a " limbo crimbo" song, thought i should start a new thread, so fire away with the ideas!

A merry merry christmas to each and everyone one,

If only I could get my legs to bloody walk play or run.

This time I think ill treat myself to the christmas cheer,

put me in my wheelchair and feed me lots of beer

Tom is such a silly

Tom is so confused

Tom thinks it is Christmas

It must be too much booze

Love it, deb love it

Limbo wimbo, limbo wimbo, limbo wimbo, limbo, wiiiiihhhihiihiimbo, limbo wimbo

Limbo is such a nasty place to be

It makes you sad and not so glad

and so-ooo unhappy

But at least we have this forum to have a little moan

Its nice to know that here we are really not al-one.

With Tom and Jules, Deb, Karina, Pip and Polly

We will try to have a laugh and jo-o-o-olly

Come and join us gang

Cos we won’t go without a bang

Till we find out what is

Making our body fizz!

That was fun :slight_smile:

love it Gok, I know it helps release, we need to get more people writing versus if we get enough I promise to write music to it and sing it and put it on you tube for all to see.

since we started talking about this, i haven’t had much inspiration actually, apart from this… tis not really christmassy but…

It’s been so hot today

I feel like melted cheese.

Bring me some rain

And ease my pain,

Before i melt down to my knees!


or… My body has a mind of it’s own

Can’t reach HQ,

Nope, not even by phone.

yeah i know, not very good…amused me tho.