Hello there,I hope that today is better than expected,and if you are a Mum, that all celebrations were jolly.I won’t be appearing so much on these esteemed Boreds as jollity and laughter are seriously frowned upon by the management.I might be getting kicked off for airing my views.

I think our American cousins may be thinking of their First Amendment Rights,but on this side of the ‘Pond’ there are none,and the chance that any kind of important visitor may be offended by a joke that will already have been closely scrutinized is more important than raising a smile in a person that may have no other reason to smile that day.

If you are part of the management or a hard working Moderator who has a valid reason to delete this post,then fingers to the ready…Oops that could be misconstrued

Je suis Woblyboy

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aww hell that’s awful. i’m sorry if you’re going. i used to love reading jokes along with the more serious posts. ms is a pain in the ar$e, in my case literally as well as figuratively. so a bit of happiness went a long way, particularly from people who ‘get’ what it’s like to have ms. fare thee well wobly one!

wendy xx

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Oh Woblyboy,

I really hope I’m dreaming (nightmare), what are we gonna do without you. Hope you still visit once in a while.

I’m being serious here - When I was first looking at theses boards last year, then joined in August, I was going through dx and a lot of other horrible shi* in my life, your jokes kept me going and showed me that there was life after a dx and that you could still have a laugh and smile.

Will miss you lots, you have a brilliant sense of humour and know I am not the only one that thinks so.

Au revoir, adios

Cherry xx



u have part of my life for nearly 10 yrs!

you know i have really struggled during the past year especially with davids death but we are still here so we have to live our life no matter how hard it seems-i have ur contact details so in my head u aint going anywhere!

our erratic communication will continue until one of cant type-whether that be with finger toe or nose!!!

love as always e xxx


Oh Wb

This is going to be such a miserable place without you if you do decide to leave. I don’t want you to go.

The happiness you have brought to this forum has been so helpful to me during my bad times amd I, along with many others I know, thank you for that.

I will miss you and you make sure you keep smiling Happy One!!!

Shazzie xx

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Vous etes WB

Dont go.

Jan x

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I have stolen so much material from you that I hope you stay.

I understand that the moderators have an official stand to take but surely we need more than just comments and questions about symptoms and medication. If I was a new person here then the long threads of jokes and funnies & pick-me-ups would give me the impression of a community who care. But not everyone thinks like that unfortunately.

Do pop back every so often hun. You will be missed.

JBK xx

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Exactly JBK, see my post, that’s why I joined this forum and not one the rivals. It gave me so much to know there was life after dx and not just doom and gloom.



hear hear jbk, i’m not at all convinced that (although i appreciate the modulator issues) the decision to bar jokes isn’t going to all but kill the forum. we need all life to be able to continue to flourish. i’ve always needed and used humour to cope with any difficult parts of my life. never more so than this last decade, since i had my ms dx. people will only come here occasionally, surely? when i first read the decision to stop jokes, my first reaction was to make a joke!! this is asking us to stop such an important part of what it is to be human, cos ms isn’t doing that enough?

wendy xx


just a quick one mate as i’m not feeling great but i wanted to get in touch to say ‘please don’t go as’

1] your humour is essential to everyone who is here

2] we need blokes to keep up a healthier male:female ratio

genuinely saddened to hear this news :0(


Just one more comment.

I don’t get how jokes have been allowed for many many years. (I have been a member since 2005 and there have always been jokes) and all of a sudden we have this problem, which is causing so much unnecessary upset.

I’ll leave it at that.


Please try and reconsider. Sometimes your jokes are the only bit of laughter I get in the day. Maybe I and others should have told you so more often then the powers that be would see how popular you are. I certainly have never been offended.

Je Suis Mary

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I don’t post very often, but do check in every day, always in the hope there would be a post from you. Your jokes have never failed to make me smile even on days I haven’t felt like smiling much.

The forum will be a sadder place without you. I agree with Cherry, a bit of humour and the friendly feel this gives the forum was one of the reasons I chose this above the others.

Come back soon. We’ll miss you.

oh wobblyone

i will miss you if you really must go.

i’m getting fed up of these boreds (see how i nicked one of yours?)

flipping ridiculous having jokes banned.

take care mate wherever you go next.

carole xxxx

also see how an anonymous poster got the funnies thread banned.

anons should be banned instead.

Oh WB, you can’t leave us, you bring cheer and laughter to us all.

I agree with what all the others have said, we need a break, so please don’t go.



oh my god, was it just that ONE post that did it, that’s just not right, they’re just gonna drive us all away by listening to what seems to be very small minority. there were only a couple of people in agreement with anon! i was thinking that i only go anon if i’m embarassed about something… it’s just bo11ock$.

wendy xx

Please don’t leave. You’ve helped me through some really tough days with you’re humour . You are the one person I always look out for and know you’ll make me smile.

Lynn x

This is political correctness in a place where nothing is very correct if humor can’t be a part off a meeting place for people like us it is indeed a sad day I honestly thought that humor was a large part off this every day living forum it’s bad Craik when you can’t have a bit of humor you have put a bit of life in this W B thanks for that g

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Well - l have read all these responses, to Wb’s announcement, that he feels there is now, no part for him on this forum since the moderator general has ‘NO’.

lt is a sad world - when humour and amusement are withdrawn.

The replies from folk who do not normally post -but admit that they do read the ‘funnies’ as it makes them feel better - and also part of a good-natured friendly group.

lts a SAD DAY - when we are not allowed to giggle with our DX.

Are we allowed a section for DOOM and GLOOM - would that suit you Sir!

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