This is graphic,rude,stereotypical,racist will cure constipation,hiccups and get me barred...............Enjoy

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Hehehehehehe Good job I’d finished my sarnie - brilliant again Sides are hurting now

I take it Wb you’re planning on going out with a bang lol…that was hilarious unfortunately! rules are rules-even if we don’t agree.

Perhaps if the world learned to laugh at itself a bit more, there maybe less fighting. Yes! naive I know but I like to keep things simple.

I love yah Wb

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that was a good’un. You’re such a bad boy WB . Where do you get them all from?

Keep 'em coming (no pun intended)

T x

VERY very funny!

Are you barred yet?


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That I like…A lot


Brilliant as usual wb. Nah surely not strong enough to be banned, you hear stronger than that before the 9pm watershed.

Pauline x

There is reasonable probability that any member of the public may chance upon such a joke on this website- (and don’t forget, Google searches tend to lead visitors to the forum more than any other part of the website).

Were this to happen and somebody chance upon such a joke, we could be in for some ugly publicity and possible legal action.

This is a reality- whether you agree with the principle or not. Damage to the reputation of the MS Society could prove financially ruinous and can be very difficult to re-establish.

In our Terms of Use (which I understand people are highly unlikely to have read- and I include myself in this):

The MS Society also takes a very strong line on bullying.

I understand that some people on the forum are unhappy about this- and that such rules are seen as tiresome.

People are free to private message jokes, tell them to each other on Facebook (which is kinda private). The problem lies in posting a potentially offensive joke, on a public forum, accessible to the worldwide web and under the MS Society brand.

We aim for the MS Society forum to be seen as a welcoming, friendly, supportive place to all. If one person, who is new to the forums feels intimidated, upset or offended by a joke/comment on the forum, then we have failed as an organisation and as a community.

I hope you understand and will work with me on this. As you know these forums are a brilliant space of support, information and shared understanding. It would serve us all best if we could keep them that way.

Best wishes

Stewart (admin)

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Admin, pleeeese don’t bar woblyboy tho, I’m relying on him more & more (Not doing very well) to keep me entertained, he makes me laugh & laugh (:heart:wb). Know why you had to remove it tho. Even tho a male for from Country involved in joke nearly wet himself laughing at it.

Bye Bye WB and GGood

It’s been nice knowing you!


I haven’t been barred,but given the above 'telling off '.Note the rapier-like speed that the awful joke was removed,almost as snail-like as nearly three years ago when a predatory being appeared on the site.I warned the management of this horrid person as did another member and waited and waited for a reaction…I’ve got hardcopy of the debacle,but that’s history.

Morale and being prim’n’proper don’t really go hand in poorly hand.I have always fought for the one person who is isolated and frightened,but not having a functioning website,for whatever reasons is the biggest way to isolate people,show unprofessionalism and an uncaring attitude towards the membership.

Oops that may be mischievious of me to point out the shortcomings of the management.'Praps it’s malicious…