Jokes on the MS Society Forum

The MS Society has explained at length and repeatedly, the reputational risk involved in hosting jokes on this forum and the increased strain it puts on our very limited resources to manage ‘joke threads’.

It’s very simple- these jokes could damage the MS Society and lead to the closure of this forum.

This has been explained here:

While laughter is often the best medicine, occasionally it isn’t- and nor is it for everyone.

‘Jokes’ also have the ability to create discomfort, offence and alienation. This is why we’ve encouraged people to send jokes via private message rather than publicly. That way, forum users can avoid risking the MS Society’s reputation, creating extra work for MS Society staff or upsetting other forum users.

In recent weeks and in September of last year, the extra workload created by monitoring such threads and people’s responses to them has created a staffing crisis.

The main aim of our forums is to provide a safe forum for people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) to share experiences and help each other cope with the challenges of living with MS and life in general.

Our moderators are volunteers and are not able to engage in private conversation concerning posts. If you see something that offends you or that you feel moderators should be made aware of, please report it.

Until further notice, we will be deleting ‘joke threads’ and removing jokes. People who do not respect these rules will be blocked from the forum.

Stewart (admin)