im so sorry

im so sorry for my last topic i posted, i wasnt thinking about the stress or any harm i may have done doing it, after it being pointed out, im going to leave this site, obviously im doing more damage to people which was completely unintentional, im really really sorry


Achord - I could take offense at being compared to a Waynetta. I have never worn a shell suit, I didn’t have my first child as an unmarried teenager, I have never smoked and I most certainly heve never used the above phrase [for the record I am a Scot living in the Midlands]. However I can’t work up that kind of feeling before my 3rd coffee.

Paul - to set the record straight it was the original poster who asked for the removal of the post. As for reading between the lines I didn’t read it at all [I suppose now I will have to go back and do so], but in skimming over it I didn’t see anything about needing a fake passport to sell kitchen units so definitely not in the same category.

Liz [Moderator]

Dont go Vicki we need people who can articulate what many of us are thinking.

Hope to read more from you soon.


Vicky, sweetie…its a forum …you are allowed to vent your frustrations and fears…don’t go… I’m sure you need the support you can find here…and as an MS carer I know my Hubs often says things I’d rather he didn’t…including regularly asking all the medics to have him put down!..take care of yourself x

Please don’t go Vicki, your heart was in the right place, you touched a nerve in someone, but you add up to the many frustrated minds here. If you do go, please remember most of us are missing your company. Paul x

I feel this forum - which I joined over a year ago, where, I have found comfort and good advice - a place where one could vent pent up frustrations/worries, but above all, where a common bond, albeit a nasty one, brought us together, is in danger of becoming a place where people are made to feel they can’t say anything for fear of offending…



iv’e read the post thingy she put and i do not see anything wrong at all, does this woblyboy take great pleasure in making people leave by guilt trip? has he done this to any one else? all she said is what was on her mind at the time

i have only just joined, but even i’m thinking twice about asking anything, i don’t think that i would want to be here, if you get chased away, is there any other ms sites that are good?

Gizmo I know where your coming from I feel a little bit the same :frowning: shame really we all suffer with this horrible disease & why shouldn’t we vent our problems/issues pity theres not more people like Vicki that dosen’t want to take this lying down

Please don’t leave Vikki you are allowed to have an opinion and vent your anger thats what this place is for. I happen to agree with the letter shocking tactics are needed sometimes. There are mant people on your side don’t forget that.

Gizmo1234 please do not leave either 99% of people in here are brilliant and have really helped me over the past few months (Vikki included) so please do not let that comment put you off asking questions or posting anything.

Claire xx

a friend talked me into not leavin, but i cant live with myself if someone does somethin silly coz of wat i did, i hope this place can go back to ppl bein able to say wat they need to say without someone jumpin all over them and guilt tripping them into leaving, i got alot of gud advice from ppl here wen i needed it and im greatful for that, ive had sum time to think bout it but i think woblyboys right, i need to go else where and stay else where, no more replys as i wont see them, keep helpin each other guys, stay safe n be happy

We all are very p*ssed at this situation we have found ourselfs in. We are allowed to vent frustration in anyway we feel we have to. I recieved a pre worded letter almot exactly the same as the one you posted, it was sent by a friend i met on this forum. Witch i sent to the dwp. It expressed exactly how i feel we are treated. Don’t go we need more fighters on our team, we are adults and can disagree. Nobody will “do anything silly” , we all need to put how we feel and what we need to vent. If this forum became over policed it would not be a true forum.

Darren I like the fact that you know how everybody on here feels and that there will be no silliness.If Vicki makes the decision to stay off here,do you know why?

The reason this country is in such a mess is because this, and previous governments know that British people rarely fight for their rights… If I was feeling very depressed because of my ill health and finances, (which I have in the past), it would make me feel better, not worse to have others stand up and fight for our rights. Nothing will change if we sit back and do nothing and when did it become a bad thing to want to change a BAD situation!

you just feel very strongly about what this b*****d govt is doing,like we all do,i dont think you did anything wrong.

jaki xx

Do i need to know what personal choice people make. I know this forum can’t be beat on the advice and nature of the members. It would be very sad for someone to miss-out because they put up one post that some have found controversial.

Hi Vicky

First please stay as the forum is for discussing good and not so good issues. I didn’t see you earlier posting but even if I had I wouldn’t think it a cause for upsetting people I’d think it as being a way of venting. Venting can be for good and not so good things - we have to take the rough with the smooth. We’ve all been there Vicky so please don’t leave.

(((((((((((((HUGS)))))))) Mary

i have the same views as vicki, but after woblyboy attacked her theres no way i would ever express any view i have on here, it seems that if you have a view he does not like then he will make you leave by attacking you. if i saw a opinion or view i did not like, theres no way i would go to attack that person, it is there view and there opinion thats it, we all have different opinions and views and should not get attacked or being made to feel guilty for it, from what i see here i would be very careful about saying anything incase he attacks others aswell, you may find more people leaving because of him and his attitude, very self righteous and egotistical from what i’ve seen how he goes for people

dont be scared of saying what you feel, if others dont like it.well its their problem,i have been attacked in the past for having my OWN opinions on things ,on here,but i can give it back to them,its what makes the world go round,we are all different,it would be a boring world,if we were all the same.

jaki xx

i think ill keep my views to myself, i think ill look for a different site altogether, i hope one day someone attacks him like he did to that poor vicki just for saying how she feels and wanting to stick up for people, well it was well i would say fun while i was here, less than 2 days.