Stepping outside my comfort Zone please reply

Hello everyone,

Each day I read, each day I moan, Today I want to step outside my comfort Zone and do something positive.

I love playing my guitar, i can play everything from Ed sheeran to David Gettua, to Red hot chili pepers to Elton John.

I was thinking if people are brave enough to speak about there fears then I will be brave enough to record me singing a song of choice and uploading it for your ammusement. I can sing very well but I dont care, my wife suffers so can you all.

For the rest of this week I will take any song choices by you all and pick one and by the end of next week I will have it uploaded for you all to laugh at. I want to keep al our spirirts up.

So start typing, I dont care how old the song is or how silly, I seriously can play pretty much anything with a few days practice so start going, any song you want to hear start suggesting. And I think my first song will be a dedication to RIZZO for alll her wonderful advice and help that she gives daily without wanting anything back.

psthat should be I cant sing very well!

Circle of life …Elton John, gets my vote.

Or, for Karen, Thank you for being a friend…can’t remember who by tho.

Mrs H I believe it was sung by Golden Girls

Really ?? There was an American sit com so titled…was it the theme then ??

I believe so, Its only a short song with a long intro so more than likely

There’s also Dido’s thank you. That’s beautiful.

Yes it is, Ok that is my Fav so far, I will keep it open to more suggestions still, see if I can get some more people interested. eveyrone loves seeing someone make a tit of themselves and I am game

Dido’s thank you - sounds great :slight_smile:


Honky Chateau (1972

But only if you know it, I’m sure it ain’t easy, but it makes me wanna cry every time i hear it. Beautiful…

I know the song Stew but havent played it before, Its not a difficult song to play but I will review any song people suggest, ill try them al out and record different ones for different weeks, I tihnk my voice may make you cry but not in the same way Eltons does!

Thank you! Now I have to try and think of a suitable song :slight_smile:

My MS anthem is Martina McBride’s “I’ll still be me”, but it’s a very female-oriented song so I doubt it’s suitable.

I’m going to have to have a think! Don’t wait for me - I’m crap at this sort of thing :slight_smile:

Karen x

Ok firstly, I cant find the chords and will take at least a week to put it into guitar music and second, Cant sing that im afraid, seriously, imagin glasses breaking windows smashing and my voice is quite deep. but you have all week Karen so go for it

Hi I think this is such a lovely idea. I think a good song would be " things can only get better" by d deem i think! Or would that not be suitable!? I’m a bit rubbish at songs aswell but just wanted to put what a great thing i think your doing. Good luck with it tom Lainey x Ps just wanted to add that it’s really quite annoying that every time i try and write my nickname my spellcheck wants to put Laundry!!! Bear with me if you see me signing that instead of lainey!

What a FAB idea!

Everytime anyone asks what I’d like to hear, my reply is always Albatross (early Fleetwood Mac).

If you manage this, there’s no singing so it will give you a chance to rest your voice for a big performance at a later date. Ooooh, I love this idea and I’m smiling at the thought already…thank you x

Fortune faded -red hot chilli peppers. Used to be my favourite to play when I was just messing around before my hands became too crappy to play or otherside by the same

Lainey (laundry) - It may be possible to create something Acoustic on this)

Chrissie - Lanslide and big love are the only 2 fleetwood macs I can play, but albatross my be a goer

JMS - My biggest Love is the RHCP, John Frusiante is my all time Fav guitarist, and my biggest fear of all not being able to play but whilst I can I will I play everyday.

So inlight of all of this I could try to mix them all in together, parts of songs orrrr I may do them all and one a week. We will see, keep the suggestions coming i am liking this, hay maybe I will get my 15 minutes. I should ask for my own slot on the website ha ha. Thank you everyone keep it coming pleaseeee

Keep playing if you lose it you will regret every day you passed up the chance to play. I still try some times but it hurts my fingers and I end up getting angry with my self because I struggle with easy pieces of music and I used to be able to play technical thrash metal and the likes James

I used to play the flute but my fingers on my right hand don’t obey brain orders anymore !!