Songs for you - from me - as promised

Well specially for you slummy yummy mummy, I have done the first verse and chorus as I dont know all the words and as I thought spare of the moment with a story like that how could I not,

I have also put Eltons Your song well toms version of Eltons your song for mothers day. Its your song mummys.

Two requests from me Tom, Drops of Jupiter by Train, or Great Beyond by REM :slight_smile:

Ha Ha, I was actually just strumming Drops of Jupiter, Im not the greatest fan of REM I do like a few of their songs though and the relationship they had with Kurt Kobain,if only he had got on that flight they payed for to make his new sound rock/ aucastrer with REM lead singer then he would still be alive and drug free!

I will see about getting them on by the end of the week, Ive already done two new today and dont want to over do it, I appreciate people listening and compenting as it is, you will all be shouting stop soon!

Aw, thank you Tom! Made my day x

No worries, If I can make someone smile then it means ive done my job, I feel its my purpose in life, A smile means youll smile at someone else and so on and then their are happier people.

Any more requests just let me know.

Well Done Tom, Im so enjoying hearing you sing, and you have definately put a big smile on my face, and brightened my day. you have a lovely voice.

I’ll have a think about a song request :slight_smile:

Jeanette :slight_smile:

Thank you Jeanette, please do and let me know.

Hi Tom

You should be very proud of yourself - you’re supertalented and listening to you yesterday put a big smile on my face. I hope whatever is causing your health issues - be it MS or some other unkown - it doesn’t stop you from doing things you love like music.

Looking forward to hearing more of those tunes :slight_smile:



Music is my key, If I couldnt play the guitar I would be devistated but as many things I cant play football, rugby, or golf anymore, I will never be a F1 driver either :wink: but focusing on the possitives I can still try to be a good husband and I cant still try and make people smile, just keep the requests and I will keep the songs coming.

Hey Tom,

The music is awesome. Well done for stepping out of your comfort zone, you obviously had nothing to worry about!

Em x

Thank you ems, do you have any requests? X

Ahh…the acoustic version of Foo Fighters - Everlong! x

Hi tom. I have a request - any chance you could do Fields Of Gold but the Eva Cassidy version. Its a beautiful song that never fails to make of cry. Thanks. Angela. X

BRAVO TOM! First post I’ve read in about a week - been away. Was not expecting you to be so good! :slight_smile: You have to have a go at Del Amitri - your voice is perfect. Maybe Downfall (one of my favourite songs) or Nothing Ever Changes if you want a challenge with lyrics! Kx

Ok Em, good choice love foos,

Angela, id rather not make people cry unless your laughing so hard you cry but Fields of gold it is

And welcome back Rizzo, I think its Nothing ever happens, but I will try them both for you.

Ok well I hav my challengs set out, I will let you all know when its done any more just post and ill keep adding away

New song added, Ben howards version of call me maybe.

Ok so I have now put on another song, well more a medley, no singing but I tried to put in as many chili songs as I could for chili fans

Hello everyone its Friday again, wow thats come round quick!

So I have 3 new songs for you. - (currently uploading)

Finaly you have a bit of Dido, with a guest appearence from eminiem ha ha

You have Damien Rices - Cannonball

Ed Sheerans - you need me I dont need you, (probably not for everyone)

Enjoy and any more requests please go for it.

Your cat is GORGEOUS Tom!

Typing this with your chilli medley going in the background. Not bad at all young man :slight_smile:


Ha ha thanks Karen. Ill have enough for an album soon, well we will see, I think I will try writing my own again, we will see.