birthday treat


my husband is 60 next friday and as a surprise i’ve bought tickets to see neil young.

my youngest son is coming too as he’s a big fan.

i’m dreading the day when i can no longer do these things but just now, bring it on!!

carole x

yeh, bring it on. I hope you all enjoy the trip and yeh, leave the tomorrows where they are and enjoy the todays!

luv Pollys

Hope you have an amazing time I’m jealous even though I haven’t a clue who he is lol Em. X

Good for you! Have a wonderful time.

I just got tickets for Erasure in November - gives you a reason to stay mobile.

Emma x

Em - neil young is a singer songwriter who has been around most of my adult life.

i have bought 4 copies of one album - “after the goldrush” people keep borrowing it and not returning!

jennifer - the tickets were £40 each but seeing as its the old mans 60th it was justified.

emma - enjoy erasure and keep staying mobile.

polly - thanks for the wise words.


now why does that always start farrell williams in my head?

Oh guys, if you never heard of him, at least watch this youtube clip where one of his songs is the soundtrack for a clip on the heroic efforts of volunteers risking almost certain death to save their countrymen from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster (also originally a soundtrack for the film Philadelphia alongside Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia).

Hi Carole,

Wishing your hubby a great 60th brithday and im sure both of you will have a great time at the concert.