who do i think i am?

well, in spite of being skint i’ve been treating myself.

i just bought 2 tickets to see elbow in april and i’m so excited like a big kid.

then i saw that festival no 6 is on again this september, oh i really wanted to buy tickets but restrained myself.

i may give in and buy them next week.

just wanted to have a little gloat over the elbow tickets!

carole x


who do u think u r?! a woman living her life is my answer-enjoy it all!

ellie x

thanks ellie

i’m desperately skint to the point of remortgaging my house which i’d paid off.

but its important to keep upbeat so fffffffth i’ve bought them and i’m looking forward to going.

carole x

they are playing all the big arenas so probably one near you.

i love having something to look forward to, in fact i need it.

should have it on prescription.

carole x

That’s great for you Carole!!! Love having things to look forward to. Whose elbow?..must google lol :smiley:

Good for you Carole - a little of what you fancy does you good. Still trying to get the other half to take some time off to have a day out somewhere but it’s like flogging a dead horse he always seems to say “you go if you want to”. the whole point is to try and spend some time together now the kids have flown. Luckily I have lots of friends I could go and visit but not quite the same is it. Maybe I should just do what you have done and book something I would really enjoy and leave him at home!

Googled elbow and listened to them…excellent!! I’m a fan

Hi, being stuck in the music of Westlife, Micheals Jackson and Buble, Elvis and some others, i dunno who Elbow are!!!

However, I really hope you enjoy the concert and you`re right…we do need something to look forward to…it gets us thru the awful dark winter.

luv Poll