the grinch before christmas?

i have always loved christmas but this year i’m just not in the mood for it.

i have only bought one present and this is for my 9 year old great niece. i love buying for her because i’ve never had a little girl.

the very thought of having people over for christmas dinner makes me want to go back to bed and stick a notice on the door saying “go away”

what’s happening to me? am i becoming a miserable old scrooge?

is there a magic way to snap out of it?

anyway hope you’re all looking forward to it and if not we can have a grumpy old gits club.

carole x

Please respond you lovely people as I feel the same…except I haven’t even bought one present


Grumpy ole gits club for me Im afraid! Must be the weather!!

I can’t be bothered either, it’s just the whole upheaval of it all, evryday life has to change for 1 day, why put decorations up, everyone knows it’s christmas, and the food changes which means over stuffed shopping bags full of stuff that only gets eaten at christmas, then there’s the presents, it might just be me, but everythings rubbish these days, just give them money and let them get things they really want as apposed to the crap we think they might like although 9 out of 10 times they wont.

I just want to try and get on with everyday life, it’s hard enough without all this added hassle.

Grumpy old gits club for me too! I’d quite happilyjust bugger off for the Christmas period it’s become overated and over expensive x

Seems to be a symptom of MS.

Victor Meldrew

Well really I feel like you do but then my son reminds me ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS, then I realise I have to make an effort in order to please him, especially when hes got out the tree from the loft and all the lights with a massive smile on his face.

I suggest speaking to some of the younger members of either your family or friends and see their faces, after all its so magical for them, so if possible try not to be a gringe and if necessary grin throughout it all, but remember, its for the childrens sake.

Oh must not forget the elderly too who are always on their own, if you know anyone like that, please make sure you pass on good wishes Im sure it will make you feel much more in the spirit even if ms is bearing down on you to remind you that you are cream crackered. Cracked smile will do, for its a time of giving - even snippets!



I think my problem is I haven’t got any little people in my life and without them there isn’t any magic.


hey thanks for making me feel that i’m not alone!

bren - my sons are not the christmas types any more

i only buy for mckenzie because she is the little girl i never had and she’s gorgeous

victor meldrew- we should get married and grouch together

love carole xxxxx

Carole, just think that the Easter Eggs will be out soon

Wb x


i am saddened to read some of these replys.

theres no need to get caught up in all the hype! as the mods know,i have spent several christmas days on here. is that because i am sad and lonely? maybe but even if it was the case-the support on here isnt rationed! i am physically isolated-no family around but i talk with several on the phone.

re christmas dinner-have never made a proper dinner-i cant! one year we had had rice kispies as a meal! were we happy? school chums were envious as they ‘had to’ eat turkey etc!

this year the kids are going to their dads-so they win twice again-christmas with us both,just on different days.

i believe there are more fall outs and increased domestic abuse at this time-i am aware this is prob because most ‘want’ to be happy at this time but with extra cooking and alcohol flowing etc etc but more importantly the expectation that everyone should be happy cos thats whats expected on 25th.

i am aware this doesnt conform to usual thinking but what does it really matter?! whether you are on ur own or with others then u should celebrate in which ever way feels right for you. for past years that has included me spending some time on here. why? because i am aware that life is difficult for some (for many reasons) and if i can help someone in some small way then that makes me happy.

this year will be different-or will it? am still struggling with is mega relapse, still cant speak properly,right side is useless BUT am i going to spend christmas any other way than MY way-no-because the body may be insert expletive of ur choice but my mind has never been stronger.

i have 2 single friends-one male and one female. they both in their own way enjoy the day-their way. no phone call-no contact. its not a problem for them because they dont make it one!

so-i hope everyone enjoys a stress free day doing as they want

this post was most definetely not intended to upset anyone-merely offering another way or 2 of embracing ‘the’ day

ellie x

ps 2 more things! spare a thought for those who are not as lucky as us (some wont be here on 25th.) and i want to say an early ‘thanks’ to the super mods who make breakfast on here on 25th!


Carole, just think that the Easter Eggs will be out soon

Wb x

I’ll buy you a cream egg - they’ll be in the shops next week!

as chocorange said - thank you to all the mods.

we need you and love you

carole x

Thanks Carole,but I want tinsel around it so I can twizz it round my head whilst booming out ‘Silent Night’.

Wb x

consider it done!

Carole,you aren’t getting the christmas spirit are you? A snowball in a bucket perhaps.The thing to do is think of it as a tuesday and wednesday with the TV programmes mucked up.Unless I get crabs/headlice I won’t be getting any visitors,and things will be back to ‘normal’ by march

Santa won’t be visiting miserable little girls,so you won’t get the benefit of his sack. Just regard it as the Pagan festival it was and behave accordingly.

Wb x

i was happy as a little girl! just all the grown up stuff mucks it up - like having my own house which has gone down from being my little bit of heaven to being a drain on my energy and it snaffles up every penny!

well i hope you don’t get the visitors you mentioned!

anyway i’m cheering up quite a lot now

after all its only dust and other nasty stuff.

and as for money, as seasick steve says “i was born with nothing and i’ve still got most of it left”

happy christmas wb

carole x

Compliments of the season to you Carole.Sea Sick Steve was right,but it’s only thanks to Messrs Clarkson,Hammond and May that I know anything about him.One cool old dude.‘Short term memory fuzziness’ is handy when it comes to watching interminable repeats of Top Gear.It used to be The Great Escape and The Sound of Music that people slept and -arted through after the gluttony…Wonder what It’ll be this year?

As for christmas past,my mother summed it up well when I was an -rsey teenager,“You’re rolling in drunk at the time you used to be getting up to open presents”. A shame about your slice of heaven,haven’t you got any ‘beef’ to help you?

It hasn’t started 'til you’ve heard Slade

Wb x