the christmas spirit


it has taken its time but i have finally found my christmas spirit,

i was feeling ever so humbug up to last night.

then the son of my darling friend, kath (who died 2 years ago) called round,

i really feel kath close when her sons are around.

we had a good chat, put the world to rights (he’s just like his mum), polished off 2 bottles of single malt, played some old albums and stayed up until 5.00 am!

i have woken up this morning feeling excited for christmas!

everything would be perfect if kath and my mum were still around.

so i’ll invite them and listen to the signs of them being here.

so HAPPY CHRISTMAS and if things are not perfect, try to make the best of them.

i’m brimming over with love for you all and i’m trying to send through the ether!!

carole x

ah just read what i’ve written and i sound a proper flakey type!

but i do love you all. you all go through the same sh*t as i do and i don’t feel alone when i know that you’re here.

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Hi Carole

I wish you a merry christmas ## I wish you a merry Christmas ## I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year ## Glad tidings I bring, to you and your kin ## I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Do you think your friend Kath had something to do with her son coming round to see you Carole?

Have a lovely Christmas with your family.

Christmas ((((((hugs))))))

Noreen xx


Have a lovely Christmas, glad you found your Christmas spirit, hope to find mine soon (Probably at the bottom of a southern comfort bottle!!!)

Have a fabulous Christmas and a happy and healthy 2015!


Hi Carole,

I’m glad you’ve found some festive spirit.

I haven’t. In fact, I’ve just come to the conclusion I need anger management to cope with it at all, even though I have no obligations over the Christmas or New Year period, so can stay in bed with War and Peace if I really want to.

I wrote the other day how, although I’m not doing “proper Christmas”, I’d ordered in a few “festive nibbles”, so there would be a few treats, and it wouldn’t be completely like any other day.

Well, when I placed the online order at Tesco’s, I would say more than half their Christmas offerings in the way of sweets, treats and puddings were listed as “out of stock”. So I couldn’t get my first choice of anything, but put into my basket a few of those that were still in stock.

Later I realised I’d forgotten a couple of things (not food - stuff like toothpaste), so I amended the order - within the time limit they give you for that, which is usually the night before delivery.

However, when I went to check out the order a second time, several of the sweet treats I’d previously put in the basket were now listed as “out of stock and have been removed from your basket”.

So I had either to go without, or choose something else instead. I opted to choose something else. Onto my third choice now - things I’d really wanted were out of stock to begin with, and second choice had gone out of stock since choosing.

Today, the delivery comes, and not one but ALL the third choice treats I’d eventually settled for were out of stock and had been substituted.

I expressed my dissatisfaction to the driver - not rudely - but just making the point that stock had already been limited on the website, and when I finally settled for a selection of whatever was left, even that didn’t come. I explained to him that I had little choice but to accept the substitute, as I’m certainly not having another delivery, or planning to do another “big shop” this side of Christmas.

I’ve just made myself a cup of coffee for my Baclofen (foot cramping is starting early tonight), and thought I’d have with it one of the “substitute” cakes I accepted, so as not to take the tablets on an empty stomach.

So I get out the first packet, and what does it say? “Mince pie flavoured”. Uggghhh! I can’t stand mince pies, that’s why I’d ordered alternatives that were mostly chocolate, or fruit (not dried fruit), or other things for the non-mince-pie-eating population.

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’ve thrown the packet on the floor and stamped on them. Bloody mince pie muck. It wasn’t a complete waste, as I did feel a pang of remorse afterwards, and put the crumbs out for the birds - who will be delighted - but it was obviously a sign I’m not coping.

Why am I not coping? Because of greedy, insane locusts, who have gobbled up everything with the word “Christmas” on it, so I couldn’t get the few small treats I ordered, even when they were already my third choice.

/Taking a diazepam and going back to bed - preferably until it’s all over.



Oh Carole. We all love you too.

So glad you had a nice time with Kath’s son. How nice of him to pop in to see you.

I am sure Kath is with you all of the time keeping an eye on you.

Merry Christmas sweets xxx

Oh dear Tina, I do understand how you feel. I’m no fan of christmas either, so maybe we shouldn’t really be on this thread.

I’ve been trying to ignore yuletide for decades. The problem is always that others will attempt to foist their frost laden festive fiasco upon us. Live and let live, I say, let everyone do exactly what they please. Like you, I can’t abide mince pies - why should I eat something I don’t like just to be sociable? If you want to read War and Peace (Really?) then read it. I’ve stockpiled a few DVDs and shall be watching, reading and relaxing in peace - I hope.

Not having christmas isn’t something you have to cope with, it’s having it that drives you around the bend.

Now, regarding your experience with Tesco: I’ve been shopping on-line with them for several years. I have a delivery about once a fortnight and I’ve never had any problems at all, the service has always been excellent. I often amend my orders at the last minute and have never had any items removed from the basket by them. The drivers are obliging and helpful, and often find time for a quick chat. I think you’ve just been a bit unlucky. However, if stamping on a cake makes you feel better, then don’t be ashamed, go buy a big one and jump up and down on it. Nothing wrong with that, it might seem a bit unorthodox to some, but whatever works for you Tina. And, as you say, the birds will love you for it.

Happy Winter Soltice



Thanks Ben,

You’re probably right - I should probably have started my own thread about cake-stamping! It did make me (momentarily) feel better.

You’d probably never guess from my post, but I’m not actually anti the religious festival. I actually wish it was more spiritual, and a time for reflection, instead of the consumer frenzy it has become. I wish it was quiet and magical, instead of loud and manic.

I normally do fine with Tesco too - and the delivery chap was friendly, and suggested I get in touch to tell them I was disappointed by so many out-of-stock items. They seem to have misjudged Christmas demand quite badly.

I wouldn’t have accepted the dreaded mince-pie-flavoured cakes if I’d realised. I knew they were a substitute, but they were just listed as “Winter Whirls”, or something - no description - so I thought (hoped!) they might be chocolate - or anything really, apart from mince-pie-flavoured. Imagine my disappointment when I saw them. There’s me purposely choosing treats that are nothing like mince pies, but what do I end up with?




thanks everyone for your replies.

shazzie - i know that kath keeps an eye on me.

chris, her son, was only saying last night that he knows she is watching him.

he went on to say that she isn’t interfering although he knows that she wants to!!

noreen - she arranged for the post man to deliver my invitation to the christening of chris and tracey’s baby, monty arthur.

​i know that she did because i’d been feeling depressed and that’s not like me!

tina and ben - i’d been in a very humbug frame of mind, tempted to write happy humbug on my cards!

tina you turned your sorry story into an amusing anecdote. maybe not just yet but you can have fun telling that tale!!

carole x


carole-am glad to hear that-enjoy the rest!

tina-as u know i have kids and it pi**es me off when folk say-at least you have the kids to help u enjoy it. so 25th we are doing nothing-i really mean nothing! for one day only no washing/dressing. a day in onesie eating choc and toast and watching tv. i have no help that day so we decided on plan b which is doing to town 5 miles away on 23rd (cos regular bus running) so i can get there on powerchair. lunch-again to do with transport. i am going to service in village hall at 4pm on 24th-kids dont want to go-so they wont. no extra shopping done. its what u make it and i refuse to get dragged into things we dont want to do! kids are delighted that they are not ‘having to’ eat turkey etc like their friends! when they day comes and all kids have left home i know i will be fine because i am not focussed on all the hype…

i love the spirit of christmas but i can do that in july or any day of the year!

enjoy tomorrow-whatever it may bring for you


Oh dear! Back to Carole’s original thread.

So glad you are feeling happier Carole.

If Christmas lifts your spirit, especially being visited by the son of your friend Kath, then where is the harm in that eh?

Keep smiling sweets. Your happiness makes me happy.

Shazzie xx