No celebrations

I know not everybody keeps Christmas, for different reasons.

So will anyone be on here?


Yep, I expect so - not going anywhere or doing anything special.

It’s not that I don’t “keep” Christmas, exactly. I’m not especially religious, but not anti. Just that I don’t have children, and can’t really be doing with all the hoopla that goes on for months and months.

It’s just a day. If you want to be religious, you can do so any time. Doesn’t mean you have to have an insane binge on one particular day, to the point you are ill over it (or more ill than usual, in our case).



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I will look through in the morning as usual we,re going to friends for christmas meal for a change.

What really bugs me Poll are those who “don’t believe” but go to town on xmas without believing the true meaning of it.

I’ll be popping in as usual just to check that the there is noone who needs a friendly ear.

Happy Christmas Poll.

Shazzie xxx

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Bit like folks who’ve never been to church or even Sunday school, lived “in sin” for years, and then want a big, white, church wedding.

I know a couple who are vehemently “anti”, but still wanted the whole church thing, and even christened their son “Theo”. They obviously haven’t a clue it means “God” - the thing they don’t believe in! I wonder if he’ll get to a certain age, find out what his name means, and wonder why his parents named him after a god they don’t believe in - or even had him christened at all!


When’s Christmas anyway?

Thank god I’m atheist. … :wink:

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I have a problem with the hypocrisy of it all. Arseholes who bitch at retail staff as they’ve left it all too late and the shops have run out of stock, then they sit round their bursting tables to impress and say it’s for the family. I hate false Christmas. But I have my own issues.

I am working from tomorrow straight through to 2nd Jan with only 1 day off (30th Dec). It will be me and my hound on Christmas day evening, probably eating paprika poached eggs on toast for dinner. Hmm yes I think I will.

Hoping for an MS symptom free Christmas and nothing else. Only close family have Christmas presents, I will await the uproar as I have wrapped them in newspaper…

Alot of the people who celebrate christmas don’t realise many of the traditions have pagan roots…roman pagans celebrated a festival that concluded on the 25th December each year with the sacrifice of a man or woman, the burning of the yule log, the christmas tree etc…

Happy winter solstice


i’ll pop in to see who is around and if anyone needs advice or comforting.

i haven’t planned a proper christmas dinner.

in fact i called at lidl today for some eggs and whilst there bought some lagers.

the lady behind me only had 2 items too.

i said “this is my christmas dinner”

she said “this is mine” (i was jealous because hers included a box of chocs).

i like that shop because there are no snobs in there.

hope you all manage to avoid the madness and enjoy christmas.

carole x

I was behind a posh twat buying cheap plonk one day, and he boomed at the young girl cashier 'Is there a problem ? ’ in a patronising intimidating way. Only your attitude dude I said to him. If he was the big shit he wouldn’t be in Lidl trying to feel important…I .

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That’s annoying too Tina.

It all gets blown out of proportion.


Howdy all

i will be celebrating Christmas, and proper turkey dinner etc. We have kids and grandparents will join us for lunch, so there does seems to be a will to celebrate or at least try for other’s sakes and of course presses for kids. We even finally put up a tree last weekend

however, like others I find the whole thing to be over commercialised and all this advertising crap about having “the best Christmas ever” really driving me mad. I used to be religious but not really sure anymore, but it is supposed to be a Christian celebration not an excuse for many to get into debt over unnecessary things etc etc. seems a lot of hard work really

anyway to each and every one of you, whether it’s paprika eggs (my mum does something like that), cheese and crackers, a cuppa soup or a full roast dinner I wish you all as pain free day as possible, and all the energy you need to cope at this time of year xxx

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hiya poll

i will be about.

this site 8/9 years ago on christmas day is partly responsible as why/how i am still around to give my tuppence worth these days…

ellie x

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I will be with family and hoping Santa brings me the ability to talk properly and a day of being relatively pain free. I hope he brings my sister (who has been diagnosed with bowel cancer) a wonderful day and a positive future x

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I’ll be dipping in and out as usual Poll. This forum is my only addiction these days.

Merry Christmas.

Jan x

Ho Ho Ho

Hi ,

I my wife and kids do celebrate Christmas for religious reasons. For the kids its mainly presents but we do pray for the birth of the saviour (Christ) we were once Atheist but were on our knees asking God for help when our son was born prematurely and the Doc said prepare yourselves its 50/50. Now all is great.

All the bad things you see in the world is influenced by the D/evil and having faith in Go/od is important to us. I respect other beliefs and non believers. But find it calms my life believing there is an after life. So Xmas is a lovely time. There is no miracle cure for MS, but we see our children as our miracles.

Merry Christmas , love to all.

Kielyn x


Hello Kielyn,

how beautifully put! I am so happy to read about your baby son, beating the odds and doing well. Children are indeed, little miracles.

To everyone else, interesting to read the wide variety of thoughts and feelings.

Merry Christmas and/or Best wishes to everyone. I love this forum.


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Hi Kielyn

I am so pleased your son is doing ok.

It is odd how non believers suddenly feel the need to pray when things turn really bad. I too believe in the afterlife as I have experienced contact with my dead grandfather since he died 30 years ago.

Have a lovely Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas to you too Poll.


The answer to this sort of puzzle is often ‘good local C of E primary - better prepare the ground’, Tina. Not the worst of reasons, and nothing new about it either. There are many paths to salvation, or so they say. :slight_smile:


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