What for Xmas Dins?

I’m not obsessed about food honest!!!

Just wonder what everyone has planned for Christmas dins.

We are traditionalists, turkey, tatters, veggies and Christmas pud and custard with brandy butter and cream for afters.


Shazzie xx

Same here it will be only 2 of us but you need to make enough for leftovers for the next few days , bubble and squeak with bacon for breakfast on boxing day is my favourite thing .

Now whats for tea. Katy

Sorry - bah humbug.

Couldn’t care less, to be honest. Might be bothered to cook something, might not, but would be just as happy with a cheese toastie and a piece of cake - preferably chocolate.

I don’t mind spending Christmas on my own - not at all. But what I do resent is the relentless hype - you CAN’T spend it on your own - you’ve GOT to be doing this, you’ve GOT to be doing that, you MUST have a good time, even if you’re not religious, and not in the mood.

Most overhyped and generally disappointing day of the year - although neck and neck for that with New Year’s Eve a week later, which I also find thoroughly depressing. Review of the past year? I stayed out of hospital! Plans and ambitions for the coming year? KEEP out of hospital!

Hate the whole thing, and find it very stressful, even though the demands on me personally are minimal - don’t have to buy presents any more (the nephews prefer the money), and don’t have to cook if I don’t want to. But on the run-up, even an ordinary trip to the shops becomes an exhausting and nerve-jangling ordeal.

Even the TV is worse than usual, with the so-called “Christmas specials” typically being worse than the usual schedule.

Sorry, but you did ask. I just hate it. I’ve hated it for years. I’m not even anti-religious, but I don’t think what we’re all lumbered with now has anything to do with religion. In fact, it’s quite the opposite - all greed and gluttony, and people spending what they can’t afford, and then spending the aftermath worrying about it… It’s all got completely out of hand. Probably been that way all my life, if I’m honest - the last time it was still spiritual was probably before my generation, and possibly before my parents’ generation. My grandma used to get an apple and an orange, and was happy!





christmas meal will be 23rd for us! for similar reasons to tina kind of!

i struggle to make a cuppa,never mind a meal so…

its the 23rd cos public transport running and i can go on powerchair, taking my 2 youngest with me and will meet my eldest with 2 grandaughters there. so 7 of us at hotel-good food and company and no washing up (and half the price of christmas day!)

on 25th self and youngest two having ordinary day with extra treats and tv/dvd-sorted!

have never done ‘the expected’. it was only day of year i let kids choose what they wanted. one year was rice krispies-that was easy!

life is constantly changing-best to go with what u are able to do!


oh and meant to say-i love it, the real meaning. i am not particularly religious but do like to try and spread a smile or 2

ostrich for me, with the usual veggies, but none of those stinking sprouts!

Same for me Ellie. It’s definitely a smile day at our house.

We are all quite religious (but not OTT).

I do get what you are saying too Tina. I suppose I’m lucky that I have lots of people to help so I don’t get cream crackered. Oh and an air cond machine that really helps. If only to get rid of everyone at the end of the busy day. I just turn it on full blast.

Ostrich Paolo? What does that taste like?

Shazzie xx

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Ostrich is like beef tenderloin steak; but with half the calories and one tenth of the fats.

Agreed, bah humbug for me too.

Hate the run up.

Hate the ridiculous present giving. Me & OH don’t bother.

Hate the Xmas TV, especially the ‘specials’.

Hate the religious aspect (what little there is nowadays) (apologies to believers but being honest here).

Hate family ‘get togethers’. Luckily there’s not much of that, what with my family mostly steering well clear of each other and Mother in law in a home and happy to stay there.

Don’t mind Christmas dinner, but then it’s a roast dinner (see yesterday’s thread!). I just insist that there is only one such per week.

Do like the enforced Quality Street - that’s probably the only positive part.


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And while I’m at it, I can’t quite believe I even joined this thread. It’s far too early to even think about it.


Quite! I don’t have “plans” for lunch tomorrow, let alone a specific day, weeks away.

On recent form, I may wake up at 11:30 a.m, with a headache, after a troubled night, and not fancy any damn lunch. Luckily, a positive of being on your own is nobody gets upset if you decide to have tinned soup with bread and butter (or the aforementioned cheese toastie), and not spend hours in the kitchen, preparing something you don’t really want.

If I want a snack and back-to-bed, that will be my prerogative, and nobody’s going to brand me a killjoy.


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