Christmas what does it mean to you?

Christmas"-what does it mean to you?

Family and friends? That’s what makes a good Christmas for me. having family and friends around me, I’m sure you feel the same. I do realise if you are Christian this is an important time of year for you too. I’m afraid I am short of family this year, apart from my lovely husband and son the rest of my family are in Australia, cooking a prawn or two on the barbie no doubt, (put one on for me please guys…or maybe a few!).

Hi, I love to wrap presents, with shiny ribbons and bows.

I love family round me too.

We’re not openly religious, but I do wish Jesus a happy birthday.

Merry Christmas!


I do love Christmas I am not religious but I do love spending time with the family but I also love sitting with just the Christmas tree lights on. It is so peaceful!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Mags xx

Not religious at all, but hope everyone’s Christmas is all what they want it to be.

Pam x


Wrapping presents now requires the preparation of a finely tuned military operation. Essentials include a heavyweight tape dispenser. Without it I’d have no chance. All attempts at neatness are thwarted by all manner of spasms and things. But it’s still worth it. All hail online shopping.

Merry Christmas, Steve.

We’re not religious either but I love spending time with the family and buying them something I think they’ll like, something they wouldn’t think of buying for themselves, we all do that so gifts are very unusual. We don’t spend a lot but we usually have a good laugh and eat too much. I love the Christmas lights too and spend an hour or so on my own in the dark with just the tree and window lights on. Very peaceful.

I can’t do with the flashing lights though, they distract and stress me out. I also try not to go to the supermarket in the week before Christmas as the crowds and noise make me stressed and I panic. I must be getting old!!!

Whatever you believe in, I hope you all have a lovely time.

Cath xx

I’m not really sure what Christmas means to me. I don’t believe but I try to send religious cards to people who do, I never shorten Christmas to Xmas and I always use a capital when writing/typing God or Him. I tell myself it’s simple respect for the people who do believe but maybe there’s a little part of me that also believes.

Putting all that aside I always try to make a happy Christmas, there are too many people out there who have a miserable time for a variety of reasons. Most of all I love Christmas cards, unfortunately the number I receive have drastically reduced since retiring from work

Happy peaceful Christmas everyone.

Jan x

Ho Ho Ho


It means my gym is shut for a couple of weeks, so will need to improvise a bit while the staff take a well earned break.


What a lovely post Jan. Like you I try to send religious cards to those who believe but my daughter has pagan beliefs and her reasoning makes a lot of sense to me. I hope you all had a lovely day whatever you believe.

Whammel, you’re the one weightlifting the Santa sacks are you?

Cath x

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