F*ck, F*ck, F*ck its NEARLY CHRISTMAS...

and I’m starting, I think, to have a RELAPSE. I don’t drink or smoke (I used to many years ago before I contracted MS). Life CAN be sweet when things are going good? Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS, and try to have a great time!


Me too Marcus, i expect them at xmas because for the last 4 years i ALWAYS have one dec/jan/feb time,dont know why, though.

jaki xx

I’m PPMS Marcus and my syptoms always hit outer space coming up to xmas. I think it’s the stress. I’m already worrying about cooking the dinner and I’m only cooking for 2 people AND the other person will help!!!

Pat x

Well done for avoiding the Filtered Word…Look it doesn’t work with sh1t… Written as s h figure one t

MEGALOLs all round

Hi Marcus, merry Christmas to you. Have you got all your shopping done yet? Cheryl:)

CANCEL CHRISTMAS, that’s what we grown-ups could do:

  • type out your Christmas card address labels and stick a few on postcards every week throughout the year, scribble a note of what you’ve done that week and post off with your good wishes

  • shop for a reasonable amount of healthy food and drink (hic) every week instead of going for a blowout over a few days

  • buy gifts for friends & family on their birthdays within the last century or so, not on the birthday of someone you didn’t know who died nearly two thousand years ago*

  • donate to charities that look after those unable to look after themselves, if you really want to celebrate in a Christian manner

  • leave trees to grow in their natural state so that other wildlife can enjoy them outside your living room

  • resist polluting the world further by buying non-environmentally friendly decorations and brighten up your home with home-grown plants instead (leave that one until the spring)

  • stop LYING to children about the existence of a fat old man who scoffs fat-laden mince pies & high-alcohol sherry and showers them with free gifts for no particular reason - how do we expect future generations to be honest, truthful and hard-working when they’re brought up like this for the amusement of adults?

Bah humbug (avoiding filtered words)!

The desperation of businesses to sell, sell, sell this Christmas has really got to me. We had an unseasonably warm start to November but, no, we had to have Christmas decorations up well over a month before the event instead of being left to enjoy the extra warmth. And people can’t spend any more money if they’ve got no more.

Bah humbug twice!

Hope your relapse fades away quickly and leaves no trace…

Lolli (quietening down now) xx

  • this isn’t intended to offend; commercialism has taken over the celebration of Jesus’ life and death and I disapprove

I was looking forward to christmas, it was going to be the first time since our boys (12 and 9) have been born that we was spending xmas day without having to go out round in laws or them coming to us.

But got a phone call today to say that our whole house is going to be re-wired next week and I can’t stand anyone new in the house that i don’t know.

So I’m hoping that I can stay chilled out enough with having strangers in my house so that I have a good xmas with my kids.

I wish everyone a happy christmas.

Allie xxx

Me too Marcus. I’m having a relapse for Christmas and I wish I flippin well could cancel it,I have tried but have cousins due here from America and have just had a rather tearful and self pitying email from them to say that no else has asked them or are busy and they’ve come to England for a family Christmas ( pity they didn’t tell anyone that before last month,a little notice would be nice ) so I’ll prbably have to have them.

I’m sorry that sounds awful I know but when relapsing,you know what it’s like,there’s only so much I can deal with.

I have done most of my present buying though,all on line so that’s one good thing. Shop online is my advice and put others to work.Christmas Day lunch is really only a Sunday roast with a few extras ( like guests you don’t want )

Have a mince pie,nicer than humbug,less chance of loosing a filling and goes well with a nice cup of tea for you non-drinkers.

Merry Christmas,xxjo