no humbug


well all my humbug has gone!

i’ve been shopping for the (very) few presents i’m sending and now i’ve no humbug left.

i haven’t felt the christmas spirit since 2010 and just muttered humbug when anyone talked about it.

see how long it lasts eh?

carole x

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Oh well done Carole. Mine is still hanging about, whispering ‘humbug’ in my ear at all and any occasions where Christmas spirit is required.

I’ve managed to buy a (very few) presents, online as going near shops is horrible. I’ve given way on the fairy lights decorations within the house. I’ve permitted certain ‘festive’ plans to be made, meals with friends etc. The butcher has been given an order for a little turkey breast joint and paper napkins have been purchased which look like they have a picture of my cat with a Santa hat on.

But my inner humbug is alive and well throughout. I only said earlier today that Christmas Day is two weeks tomorrow. Which means that New Years Day is three weeks tomorrow. So in 22 days, with a bit of luck it will all be over and I’ll be able to live free of Christmas nonsense for another year.



Well done humbuggers!

I love Christmas.

All our lights are up - but yet to do the tree.

Just about to write Christmas cards for my neighbours etc.,…

Just done the last of my online Christmas shopping - and kept to my budget £120. So pleased.

My daughter has ordered an M&S set menu for Christmas dinner, she will collected it on Christmas Eve, so

no hassle for me there.

My hubby will buy up what is left in Sainsbury’s on Christmas Eve - last minute shopping for drinks and nibbles - anything going cheap in chocolate and biscuits section etc.,.

I also bought a gift for myself too - a new 4 inch deep - expensive cushion for my wheelchair. So my eye level is raised up a bit, plus more comfortable.

I also started an online classical drawing class, another gift for myself - which is why I wanted a higher seat level.

So… feeling festive - although I’ve been too ill to go out for the last… three months or so.

I’m happy at home, busy with my drawings.

So, I’m whirling around the room singing carols.

Merry Christmas!


I’ve nailed a holly branch to the front door.

I can see the lights which a neighbour wired up in his garden.

Christmas Day, I pop round all the neighbour’s gardens to see what they’ve put out for the foxes. I’ll warm up the good bits.

I put up the biggest socks I’ve got every year. Nothing so far. I’m beginning to think there’s something funny going on.



Several things come to mind here:

  1. are you leaving treats for Santa and the reindeer? These could of course be foraged from your neighbours rubbish bins if absolutely necessary. Or of course laid in specially. I’ve been reliably informed that Santa is partial to the odd nip of whisky, brandy, in fact any spirits will do. Plus a mince pie or similar (custard tart, jam roly-poly, etc). The livestock are of course vegetarian, so a veggie sausage roll might do, or stick with the traditional parsnip.

  2. do you in fact have a chimney for Santa to come down? If not, you may have to leave a window open on Xmas Eve. This will of course also leave your house open to burglars and ruffians. But I assume you have little of value so shouldn’t be a problem. Keep a stout stick beside your bed in case of home invasion by anyone except people from Scandinavia or such, bearing gifts.

  3. (this is possibly the most important point) do you actually wash your extra large socks before hanging them up? Or are they removed from your feet after a week or so of wear and then hung over the fireplace?

  4. are you mad? Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Nail up whatever foliage you can find, leave whatever snacks available, open all your chimneys, doors and windows, hang up the most capacious, clean socks you possess (assuming that is, you can find them) you will not be visited by Santa, reindeer, elves, fairies or any other supernatural entities. Just be grateful for your £10 Christmas bonus from the government, spend that on the largest, cheapest bottle of whisky you can find in your nearest discount food store and if there’s change left for a few mince pies, count yourself lucky.

Happy sodding Christmas

Sue x


Ah, well I’m full of CHRISTMAS cheer and want everyone who’ll let me, wish you all a very happy time.



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Bloody Hell. She’s started early!

"But I assume you have little of value so shouldn’t be a problem. Keep a stout stick beside your bed in case of home invasion "

What’s this Sue? A startlingly accurate picture of life chez nous. It’s almost as if you can see me. As if through an open window with a pair of binoculars.

I didn’t know about the chimney thing. No fireplace either. QED. Bit pervy isn’t it? Has Santa had his CRB checked over?

Last time I had any whisky was when I found a half-empty bottle of Aldi’s own brand in a street bin near where I live. At least I think it was whisky. Just as well - I spent that 10 quid on another pair of socks for me birthday.

And a Happy Sddng Christmas to you too.

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ha ha ha! splutter and choke on thin air!

what have i started here?

my christmas spirit is wearing a bit thin today.

husband and his friend came home from the pub at 1.00 and were talking animatedly and LOUDLY downstairs.

i was trying to sleep but gave it up as a lost cause and went down to join them.

it was good to see alan because i haven’t seen him for ages.

his missus was a dear friend but she died the year after my diagnosis.

alan was talking about his lodger who is a lovely lad of 30 yrs but very untidy.

alan thinks he has become OCD so i said it’s one of the more acceptable mental disorders.

husband asked what my disorder was and i said VFT (very f…ing tired).

got to my pit at 3.00 and i had to be at fundraiser the other side of town this morning.

sooo, i got lost! used half a tank of petrol, got there and couldn’t find the group i as hoping to join.

had a coffee and a piece of cake (expensive too).

then found the group and had a mooch around the craft stalls.

then popped into a boutique which i expected to be expensive but it wasn’t.

saw a garment that was just up my street and bought it.

very strange all in one with harem pants at the bottom but i like it.

could cause problems with my wonky bladder!

maybe my christmas spirit will come back after a good sleep.

happy sleeping everyone

carole x

Ahem. Sorry about that, little bit of stalking behaviour by one of my alternate personalities. I’ll try to keep that one in check. So there won’t be binoculars trained on your abode too often. I hope.


Harem pants have a baggy crutch, don’t they? If so then there’s plenty of room for a Tena lady! Sorry to spoil the image!


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ha ha ha poll,

i thought the same myself - one of those maxi night ones.

the last time i wore an all in one was my 21st.

i got very drunk, went for a wee (which require removing the whole bloody thing), fell off the loo and had fits of hysterical giggles.

luckily one of my more sober friends came to my rescue.

that same evening i wore a pair of high heels which were remarkably comfy but i fell top to bottom down the stairs on the way out.

i was diagnosed with ms when i was 50 so you can see that i started practising my falls years before.

the moral of the story is get plastered when you are young because it will stand you in good stead.

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I like your style!