christmas presssies!...not ms

having 2nd thought about hubby’s pressie…I’ve got him a kenwood mixer (he does love baking,I blame Mary Berry!)lol…however just been thinking of Christmases past and remember my dad nearly getting brained with the mixer he bought my mother, but her reimagining of the past has her ‘loving it’, also remember the cream splattered all over the kitchen ceiling…hopefully he will read the instructions for it and we will avoid redecorating the kitchen on Christmas day! Alison x

The first Christmas after I got married my dad bought me a vacuum cleaner. This was in the 70s and I was quite vocal about women’s rights so you can imagine how well that went down with me. Poor dad just didn’t get it – he didn’t see my argument that my husband needed the vacuum not me!

My step-father has bought my mum a kenwood mixer for xmas as she also loves baking.

We have got her a sewing machine! (me and hubby) as she helps me a lot.

I really hope we are not going to have to redecorate! lol!

Seasons greetings Alison.


hiya alison

for the second year i am finding christmas difficult regarding presents. last year i was too poorly to do anything. this year i am still struggling BUT have got kids sorted and thats main thing-thank goodness for am*zon!

but what makes it hard for me is trying to get folk to understand that i am grateful for prezzies but not if i can fall over them, need to ask my cleaner and/or carer to clean/dust/reach/hand me them.

i am aware its extremely rude not to be thankful for any gifts i am given SO i put my thinking cap on and tried to find a way/gift that made both parties happy-and this is what i suggested to those that asked re helpful/useful presents. i suggested something i can eat or smell or wash with. its worked out well so far-i dunno what exactly is in the prezzies but folk have told me its made life easier for them cos they know how ‘restricted’ (good word ellie!) my life now is and they wanted gifts to be practical/able to be used/enjoyed by me and they are happy cos they have ‘given’.

so by this time tomorrow i suspect i will be full of chocolate, smelling sweet and enjoying the aroma of a candle or 2

i hope you all get useful/wanted pressies for ur situation…


Well, Wendels it’s not as bad as a vacuum cleaner…I hope! Teresa, Ihave dropped hints all year about a sewing machine with a stop/start button, however they have fallen on selectively deaf ears, I knew that much when I was told yet again ‘you haven’t said what you want’( I never assume I’m getting presents)… I have had a lawn mower and set of ladders before. Ellie I know what you mean about falling over stuff, I ventured into the utility room earlier…

My hints always fall on deaf ears where hubby is concerned! he once got me a wine making kit.!

He was in trouble that year!

The sewing machine for my mum cost a lot more than i usually spend but she has helped me out a lot with the school run this year …and my teenage daughter is fed up of my mum borrowing hers! lol!


The year we moved into our current home (with a rather overgrown garden) I got a pair of green wellies and a half share in a wheelbarrow. I was not impressed. I was even less impressed the following spring when I was expected to shovel and fill the wheelbarrow while hubby barrowed it to away. This was 25 years ago - now I would love to be able to shovel and the pushing hubby does is usually me in my chair. The circle of life :slight_smile:

my son asked me what i wanted for christmas yesterday, i said nothing but a big squidgy hug!

today i got the hug and also some chocolate coated strawberries that he had made. i also got a bottle of baileys in a superhero costume - a cape made of paper and a sign saying “super baileys to the rescue”.

it made me smile loads - i always have loved presents that the kids have made themselves! (even though he’s 24)

also i got the cats a christmas stocking from pets at home. i opened one this morning - it had 2 mice that cats can easily pick up and throw about. the youngest cat tried valiantly to kill one and it went missing. (it was in my bed)

the old cat enjoyed the cat treats.

so i’m happy, my cats are happy, my son is gorgeous, my husband and me are a bit squiffy!

happy christmas everyone!!!

carole xxxx

My hubby has been trained well since the wine making kit saga!

He has bought me a kindle this year!

Its taken 26 years to train him though!