merry christmas, and a quick question...

While we’re busy wrapping for every one, what was your favourite pressie as a kid ? Mine was a Tressy, which I still have, her hair a bit worse for wear…fingers too from getting her arms through long sleeves. I was too young for her I think! First thing I look for when I move, never mind the kettle.

Alison x

i got a doll’s house with all the furniture.

also got a sindy doll which my mum made loads of clothes for.

and a huge tub of beads because i told my auntie that the girls around the corner from us were big show offs cos they had loads of beads.

auntie went round the office blagging beads from everyone.

a lot of them were popp-it beads and my younger sister shoved one up her nose.

every time mum said “blow” she sniffed instead and had to be taken to the doctors.

happy memories.

thanks alison x

My aunt made cothes for Tressy. Iremember being quite disgusted with a baby doll and push chair a couple of years later!..just wanted a wedding dress for Tressy, no husband, just the dress! lol, got one eventually from Bournmouth market I think. I never wanted any other doll, fiercly loyal to Tressy, who wants baby dolls that wee everywhere! (what a nice child I was) lol,