It's boxing day...

And the presents are opened.

We usually have a laugh because there is ALWAYS ONE. Would anybody care to share their terrible present stories?

I had ONE, a woolley hat that is so small you couldn’t get it on a grapefruit. It’s obviously a child’s hat so I’ll be giving it away…otherwise I would have loved it.

Flo xx


i didnt get any terrible pressies! i did get one that i love the look of but its about 3 sizes too small-oops! will discuss with sender in new year!


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i got membership to a club i would never have joined myself. Even worse it was my other half who bought me it. I guess I’ll have to buy my own present with my own money as usual!

Happy Hogmass

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I received a beautiful candle from my friend in the States , except underneath the base it said keep away from naked flame. It’s going to last a long time. Margaret ( charlie B )


i got bath bombs but i don’t have a bath lol.


Like you I loved the hat I was given, I’m thinking of buying a similar one the right size and pretending it was the right size.