Surprise gift on doorstep

Interesting evening Started off not good Callum has now caught sickness bug. He hates being sick his dad would have hated the mess. Anyway I’ve calmed him down and a I let besid his bed. Willow whose at mum has a really sore bum with having the runs and still being a little sick. Anyway doorbell rings no ones there. But on my doorstep is a gnome, hello magazine, pilau rice, and Indian selection food and no one there. Emx

Father Christmas has lost the plot?? How lovely for you - a lot of thought went into that. Maybe you should leave a Thank You note on your doorstep for the little elf! Jane xx

…Obviously not lovely for you that your son & daughter are poorly - sorry! I answered before re-reading! X

Hmmm. Be careful, Em. I can’t make up my mind whether it’s a sweet thought, or ever so slightly creepy. It doesn’t take two minutes to say: “I thought you might like these; hope you don’t mind?”, does it? Tina x

I have got a whatsapp, it is someone I know, he knew my son wasn’t well so thought it might make me feel better but he didn’t want to hold me up. So know it’s not a random nutter x

I’m knackered my sons still being sick x

How is he doing this morning Em? I think I need friends like yours with curry and magazines. lol. xx

enjoy the curry!

bless that gnome xxx

ha ha that would be me doing that too as I would want to ‘help’ in some way but wouldn’t want those tummy bug germs near me! lmao

Hope your children get better soon!

As I told you Em, give the guy a chance. Nothing to lose and maybe something to gain G. Xx

Yeh, maybe this could be the person you were wondering about maybe dating, eh?

If it is, he does sound a kind, sensitive man.

Hope everyone is better soon.


Yeah he is kind He wouldn’t want to date just now lol. I’ve on my fleecy top and bottoms, looking like an overgrown sheep. Cals has slept on and off all day. So excuse for me to do the same. Had the stove lit, curtains shut and movies on. Maybe once I sell the house and have my own place I’ll think about it and if he finds someone else then that’s cool he deserves to he happy x

Aw sorry your little ones are poorly…try rest when you can…mystery gifts lovely thought x

Hes sound asleep on sof so reckon I can sneak and have a bath

Must be something in air my 4 yr old is ill too xx

Hope ur 4 yr old is better soon. I’ve just had to strip his bed and he was sick on the carpet. Done in the injection so now gonna put him back to bed and have a bath which I haven’t quite got round to x

Sorry to hear about Callum and Willow not being well Em. Lovely surprise though