tip r wrapping, birthday/christmas pressies not ms!

Before christmas comes, get yourself some tape runners (craft sites or the A site online) makes wrap p ing a doddle, just found half a dozen left from my crafting days! just wrapped and embelished anniversary pressies, I’d forgotten them, no more fighting the sellotape!

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Thanks for the tip, will try this out.

I cried last year, just could not organise my hands, the wrapping, the cellotape Grrrrr. So in the end I opted for bakefoil and delicately stuck with - masking tape. Ha ha, nobody cared. Years ago, my Mum who used to buy wrapping paper all year round for Christmas, could never find it at Christmas even though there must have been rolls all over the place. One year, my present was wrapped in the wallpaper that had been sitting behind the airing/boiler cupboard for the best part of twenty years! It was a flashback from the 60s I can tell you, all psycodelic. Sorry can’t spell this morning, just found myself in the kitchen for no reason whatsoever!

What a waste! He just ripped it off anway…lol, still loved the spitfire book and the scratch off map, I’m impressed with that myself.

some decent prices on Amazon, much cheaper than craft sites, very glad I had half a dozen left over!